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  1. I say the Getaway is cursed! Our trip was plagued by arrival changes and poor communication of that fact (had a blast after the struggles of day 1) They are screwing over that trans atlantic now this....
  2. we were in Montreal(quite possibly my favorite vacation spot) last September and I sweat so much walking around, had to be high 80s, and 2 years before drove though a snowstorm on the way up around the same time! I would totally sit on a sundeck with cocktail in hand and be quite happy up that way, granted I like the colder weather
  3. after more digging I found a thread from like 2015 that listed this email guestrelations@ncl.com hope its still active Good luck on your hunt and hopefully you get a swift and happy resolution
  4. When I check the site for an email I get a form to fill out. I would prefer to send an email directly so I have it in my outbox as well and can CC people on it if possible. Does anyone know what the email address for guest/customer service is? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks everyone. Bought it. I'm the sole planner so she wont see it 🙂
  6. When you purchase it you do it in the name of the person who's birthday it is right?
  7. DIY? Wifes birthday is during our next cruise. She would absolutely love the surprise room decorating. Has anyone here paid for it? If so how were the decorations and timing? I would rather spend the extra and have it work very well but if ncl doesnt do a great job I'll do it on my own. TIA for any input 🙂
  8. I agree, TA called again and was now told check in at noon boarding begins around 1. I see a park with a playground next to the pier, maybe I will just go early and worst case take my daughter to the playground until check in hah.
  9. As an update: My TA spoke to NCL last night and was told boarding and check in begin at noon Someone in roll call called this morning and was told ship wont arrive to NY until 2 and boarding begins then.
  10. Interesting! Tides are low at 6:40am high 12:45 and low again at 6:30pm so let's home they are not going to wait for 6:30pm lol
  11. New York, Ship will be empty, it is disembarking in Florida on the 7th and we board on the 9th. Others in our roll call have been informed that muster is at 5 which is funny because that is when we are being told to arrive. I would agree with the computer comment but it has been going on for weeks and we are all getting different answers when we reach out to ncl.
  12. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Over the last month my upcoming cruise has had a change of boarding times about 15 or so times. Some of these changes occur more than once a day. Sometimes people in our roll call have drastically different boarding times on e-docs all printed same day (3 hour or larger discrepancies). It makes it very hard to plan arriving in port when you cannot get a straight answer. My concierge said check in started at 11am an hour after my e-docs and check in page changed to say not to show up until at least 3:30. When I tried calling and inquiring they simply read me my e-docs (which had already changed multiple times in the days leading up to the call and have changed a few times since) In fact today it changed again from "arrive between 4:00-4:30" to "arrive between 4:30-5:00" this is a 7:00 departure, that is cutting things close. I intend on calling again tonight and trying to push for a supervisor(?) We are traveling with friends, and our 2 year old, trying to plan things when they cannot set a time is getting frustrating. Also a 5:00 boarding time means we miss basically a whole day of the trip. Any advice or suggestions? or are we simply at their will?
  13. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but in addition to room service fees being waived aren't all of the on demand movies free?
  14. I could see that being a health safety issue using outside products, I would totally ask if they have it though.
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