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  1. Kim, That all sounds terrible! With the increased pain and swelling have they even considered some type of infection in there?? I know you are a nurse and probably on top of things. You have my prayers on this ordeal!!! Hope it helps!
  2. As an Eagles fan and a Saints fan, I always go for those. As an Eagles fan and a Saints fan, I NEVER go for the Cowboys, Falcons, Giants. And, NEVER EVER the Patriots.... bam. fire started.
  3. Many of us love it when the Saints win, even up in Philly territory! 😍😍
  4. How is your leg? Are you recovering well after the setbacks?
  5. Great review so far! From my favorite city.. Thanks for the Cochon Butcher point out, I have been wanting to try that place. And, loved the pics of WWII museum, I hope to get there too! Loving all of your drink pics....... Hope you have a terrific trip!!!
  6. Thanks for an entertaining review! Also, loved your pix!! You do a lot of work on these reviews and it shows. I hope your recovery proceeds quickly and smoothly. Good luck with that!!
  7. Hmmm, it sounds like we have the same mail carrier. They either teleport or are clones....
  8. Your dive pics are beautiful! I am greatly enjoying your pictorial review. I hope your recovery goes quickly, since you are doing all this reviewing for us!
  9. so sorry to hear that you were injured!! Get well soon and take care of yourself!
  10. Wow. Your organization is impressive. I am just seeing this because I was following your Breakaway review and had to see your set up. Like I said, just WOW. I do enjoy your reviews! The humor and all of the observations, good and 'bad'. It is all helpful and interesting! Thank you! Now, back to your Breakaway review...........
  11. Felicitations on your wedding day Bob and Betsy! Here's to many years of love, happiness, and good health! Go Bucks, thank you for posting the pictures!! nance
  12. Congratulations Bob and Betsy on your wedding vow day!! And thank you to all that posted pictures and reports of your marvelous trip! It has been a pleasure to travel vicariously through this thread. AND, please DO post pics of the happy occassion!!! Nance
  13. The Big O martini was very good. IF you like to sample a lot of things, a previous poster had a good suggestion. Get the basic drink package as a perk and then upgrade. IT is worth it!
  14. May I join everyone else in complimenting your great review style and all the great pics from Patti?!! And, Happy 25th Anniversary! I look forward to your next review.
  15. Jim, Thank you for spreading the good news! Bob and Betsy, congrats on finding each other and best wishes for an HEA!! I hope we are able to meet all of you on a future cruise!
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