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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post! So those of us stuck in this chilly North East weather can pretend to be sailing along!!
  2. May I say, all of y'all's pictures and comments are wonderful! That Japanese meal on board looks awesome! Was that just for the ATW guests? Please keep posting so I can travel virtually and vicariously!
  3. They give extra points if you sing along and more points for a dance exhibition! (as I said, it got a little raucous!) So, DO go to that one and enjoy!!
  4. ^^^^^^ Try it! Like Paul chili says, there are people there that are competing, but having fun too.
  5. Pffftt... it was after 4 PM. In a bar. Beverage package. What do you think? 😁
  6. That Name That Tune. Trivia gets a bit raucous. A lot of fun!!
  7. Agreed! We used Blexie in August. We were a group of 10 and arranged for 3 cars. Hard tops with AC. Thank goodness! We did the all day tour in Havana and the heat and sun would have killed us!! the convertibles looked awesome, especially the pink ones! But, we had some very cool cars ourselves. Blexie and his friends are great guides, easy to understand, bright, fun, accommodating, and provide a lot of information! Our tour was supposed to be 10-4, but we were running a little behind, and Blexie made sure we hit all the sites we were supposed to! I think we got back to the shop at 5-5:30. You can find him on Trip Advisor.
  8. You are there??!! This isn’t a virtual tour?? awesome😍😍
  9. Kick DH off or tell him to sit there with you and read. Y'all will laugh til you cry. At all of them. Although Dream/Nightmare is pretty special.............
  10. Thank you for sharing! It has been very enjoyable to follow!!
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