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  1. So glad to see this is active again! and some planning pointers! Since Our Viking Russian cruise (due to leave tomorrow) was cancelled by Viking, we received a nice cruise credit. We just rebooked the other day and now the planning can begin!! Here come the folders, sticky notes, and charts! N
  2. Kim, so sorry to hear about the setback with your foot! You have had a long road! good luck going forward with that and navigating COVID. N
  3. Greenpea! Hope you and ya sistah are havin a mahvelous time!! Seems like you are making good use of the premium bev pkg!
  4. Mary, This has been awesome!! I binge read while at work... bad employee. I do hope you continue! Deedle, I knew you would come through!~! N
  5. ^^^ I was about to suggest the same thing! AND, I was about to ask Deedle to make/construct/whatever a meme for "I didn't let it ruin my vacation/cruse" Since I saw her on here... N
  6. Wayntor, Thank you for the pictorial reveiws, the very interesting travel observations, and the laughs! I have been enjoying following you report! N
  7. Thank you so much for reporting and providing background on your location visits! Love your tablemate's taxi story!! Enjoy your cruise and thank you again for sharing!!!
  8. Enjoy the SA cruise! And if you decide to post, many of us won't complain! I really enjoyed your RTW thread last year. It was almost like being there (almost...) N
  9. Beautiful pix!! Thanks for all the work you have done for our entertainment!!
  10. So happy to see that you are cruising! (and happy that I get to read one of your VERY entertaining reviews!) Merry Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year! N
  11. It was a GREAT review. PTC Dawg, great idea opening this up!!
  12. It has been a great trip! Thank you for sharing with us!!
  13. True. But this one just jumped out and caught the eye. Mine anyway. It goes with margaritas.
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