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  1. Kim, I was so relieved to read your post on the wound visit! But then comes the PCP news! I hope it all turns out well for you. Will keep saying prayers for your health!! N
  2. BigNance


    fire roasted oysters mm mm mmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Sid, Thanks for another great review and fun times!! I'm looking forward to your review in November! St. Greg, yours too!
  4. Ceilidh, I forgot to say, have a GREAT trip on Bliss!!! Send pix! N
  5. Kim, Many prayers that this surgery did the job and you get some relief!
  6. Happy 50th!!! Hope you were successful in your food search on Aruba! I hope those Alchemy bartenders invent some killer (not literally;-) ) tequila drinks for you tonight for your BD!! Thanks for sharing the cruise with us, it brightens up the work day! (yeah, yeah, I should wait until I get home..........)
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about this! Hopefully this clean out surgery does the trick and sets you on the road to recovery. You have my thoughts and prayers! Get well soon!!!
  8. Sorry, it doesn’t! So if you are waiting for your next cruise, don’t wish the time away...appreciate the time in between. Planning for your cruise 😉 Happy 50 th coming up Sid!
  9. Oh. I should have said Hilarious reporting!! 44 BC 🗡🗡
  10. OMG worst excursion ever!! you have my deepest sympathies🤯 that bathroom caps it. 🤮🤮 and no water?!?! Im glad you survived. Hope Chef’s Table makes up for it!! you better have some tequila drinks at Alchemy later to disinfect your GI tract 🤣🤣
  11. I bet other tribe members are going "hmmmmmmmmmm"
  12. all those varied margaritas!! I am in margarita envy!! and cruise envy....
  13. So sorry to hear about the latest setback!! That is sooo annoying that they didn't put you on antibiotics (or at least do a culture) when you went in the week before. I will say prayers for a steady and positive recovery. How are your DH and Sakari??
  14. Well YAY finally! And, thanks for posting the pix of your hangover fixes. We are going to need that for our cruise next month... Another tribe participant here 😉
  15. Kim, That all sounds terrible! With the increased pain and swelling have they even considered some type of infection in there?? I know you are a nurse and probably on top of things. You have my prayers on this ordeal!!! Hope it helps!
  16. As an Eagles fan and a Saints fan, I always go for those. As an Eagles fan and a Saints fan, I NEVER go for the Cowboys, Falcons, Giants. And, NEVER EVER the Patriots.... bam. fire started.
  17. Many of us love it when the Saints win, even up in Philly territory! 😍😍
  18. How is your leg? Are you recovering well after the setbacks?
  19. Great review so far! From my favorite city.. Thanks for the Cochon Butcher point out, I have been wanting to try that place. And, loved the pics of WWII museum, I hope to get there too! Loving all of your drink pics....... Hope you have a terrific trip!!!
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