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  1. Sid, Thanks for a(nother) terrific review!! This was a great vicarious vacation! Can't wait for your next - you really made the Scarlet Lady come alive with you pix. N
  2. Loving this! Thanks for sharing! That meal looked AWESOME!!!
  3. Thank you for sharing such a great trip!!! Makes the work day go a little faster!
  4. I am greatly enjoying this vacation! Thanks for having us along! I always wanted to go to Tulum... great pics! N
  5. Stumblefoot and Lois, Thank you for the info! I'm pleasantly surprised at the premium wine list markups. We do like better red wines, but we frequently find something on the included lists on cruises that we like. It's nice to have reasonably priced premium options! Unless those are by the glass prices...... 😉 It does sound like the service on board these cruises is outstanding. We look forward to experiencing it! And we REALLY hope our cruise takes place. As it is next August, I think we are OK. Thanks everyone! N
  6. I'm going to hop on Michi 1989's New Cruiser thread to ask a similar question: We (DH and I and a few other couples) will be first time SS cruisers also - August 2022. We do like adult beverages after excursions and in the evening. We did note that some wines and spirits and beers are included, but there is mention of availability of premium wines and spirits for purchase. Can anyone give me an idea their experience of what is available for purchase v. what is included? thanks! N
  7. Will there be a Sailor Jack review of your Silversea cruise? I haven't seen any of your reviews in a while (well, duh) and certainly look forward to a new one! (I'm off topic, sorry, not sorry)
  8. So, should the title of this review be "Why I travel Solo".... It does add some extra humor (from this side of the vacation) to your already awesome and humorous review! Love your balcony view and the food pics!
  9. Have a great trip! Another vicarious vacation for me! yay!
  10. So happy to be able to enjoy another vicarious vacation! Maybe one day, I will go on a real one...
  11. @Saint Greg Thanks so much for the live review!! It was nice to pretend to be on vacation in a warm sunny clime with quantities of adult beverages!!
  12. whoa! that's the most people we have seen all week combined! (thanks to your generous sharing of your vacay!)
  13. St Greg Greatly enjoying your live review! Just caught up and that place looks great! Especially with it being NOT crowded. Enjoy and thanks for sharing! I have to ask... when you blew out your flip flop, did you step on a pop top? N
  14. Germancruiser, Thanks soooo much! A cruise to enjoy vicariously!!! I hope it is wonderful for you! N
  15. Just what the cruise doctor ordered on a Monday morning! A Sid Cruise Review! Thanks!! N
  16. PelicanBill - go for the Sherpa! for all my Trip planning and multiple lists, I don’t have a packing list. My DH, no planning, does have a list. Go figure. I start laying out clothes and needed items on the extra bedroom bed about 3;weeks before, as I check the weather of our destination. It’s amazing how much stuff can fit in a rolling carryon! Of course, a large personal item helps immensely 😂
  17. So glad to see this is active again! and some planning pointers! Since Our Viking Russian cruise (due to leave tomorrow) was cancelled by Viking, we received a nice cruise credit. We just rebooked the other day and now the planning can begin!! Here come the folders, sticky notes, and charts! N
  18. Kim, so sorry to hear about the setback with your foot! You have had a long road! good luck going forward with that and navigating COVID. N
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