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  1. for sure! we can bring our own sunpass (we live in FL )
  2. yea, i found dirt cheap rentals and i think we will just make due in the cabin with it, just to er on the side of caution :) thanks!
  3. which i would have regardless of what car i drove.........:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  4. Perfect! I reached out to RCCL as well to see if they offer storage :) Thanks!
  5. well considering the car is 3 days old, I don't want to do that. I would like to save the excess miles for things that I cannot avoid. It actually will cost me LESS to do 2 one way rentals than pay for parking for my new car to sit in the garage in Miami. Parking is $88, 2 one way rentals, PLUS uber to/from the port is $73
  6. yea, getting it around isn't my concern. It is where to store it for the length of the cruise.
  7. YES to all of that lol. I really don't want to use someone else's seat. She is 4, about 35lbs 45". I have a Gracco Extend to fit so she is rear facing still.
  8. Yes, they will. However, you do not know how safe they are as if a seat has even been in a fender bender, it shouldn't be used. My kid's life isn't something I want to risk that on.
  9. So i just got a new car and now I REALLY don't want to leave my car in the port or drive it that far (orlando to miami on a lease). I was looking at rentals and i can do 2 one way rentals for about what i would pay to park, but then the car seat issue comes into play. Does anyone know if there is a storage place that they will hold it for the length of the cruise or do i have to keep it in my cabin?
  10. Anyone having issues logging in? when i click on it from my reservation it takes me to a page to enter my name, res #, sail date and ship and then it says error locking reservation when you hit submit.
  11. Thoughts? i really don't want to spend almost $90 to park at the port. I see mixed on this one. Anyone have experience?
  12. I saw the slides say its 48" but I assume that is for individual riders. Does anyone know if they allow you to ride with your child?
  13. Contemplating splurging on this but not sure if it is REALLY worth it. Thoughts?
  14. I have really bad allergies (MCAS) and usually need a humidifier in small spaces orhotels. Is ththeththerththeththere a issue with me.bringing my own or do I need to contact medical?
  15. that sounds more in my budget lol! is it within walking distance?
  16. What do you reccomend? We will be in port from 7am till midnight!
  17. Thanks! the 1st sail on the new ship is next week right?
  18. lol that is a mess! I saw that the mariner had a bunch of aft cabins avail but on closer inspection, the lower decks have a few hundred feet of floor and rafters in the way before the water. I didn't want that and it was 87 to upgrade to a 7D online so I called and she offered me a 3D instead for way less. We are still outsite final payment and sail so I will probably keep watching it and hope for something bigger possibly. They also threw in free rice crispie flowers for my daughter. is this new?! i never heard of them doing free stuff in the room
  19. anyone have a recommendation for a snooze and cruise that includes parking? coming from orlando and trying to find the best deal if its just parking at the port or if its better to come down the night before. its a 4 night cruise
  20. Anyone done this? Yey/Ney? I will have my 4 year old daughter with me
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