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  1. Booked on Emerald Princess in Jan for Panama canal cruise. Has anyone been on this ship and can let me know the mens sauna and steam setup.
  2. Booked on Emerald Princess for a Panama Canal cruise in Jan. Does anyone know the sauna and steam set up for men.
  3. Glad to hear the sauna is open, i would be there every day if i were on the cruise.
  4. The window is out to sea, no walkway in front and most likely the glass is tinted so you cannot see in if in port.
  5. It is the Nieuwe Statendam not Amsterdam that is doing the transatlantic crossing. Statendam has free sauna with window.
  6. Would love to hear from anyone in the group that is going on a cruise if they find the saunas and steam are open. Just booked a Transatlantic crossing FtLauderdale to Rome for next April on HAL Niew Statendam, been on sister ship Koeningsdam which has a great free sauna with large window, you have to know where to look for it( close to the entrance of the spa but not signed) and usually on the first day the door is closed to encourage people to sign up for the coed spa. Let me know if anyone else is going on this cruise, nice to connect with like minded cruisers.
  7. I can only speak for the Jewel Class ships(Jewel, pearl,Jade, Gem) They all have free steam in mens locker room off the Gym. The fee paying spa is great as it has a men only section with huge windows and consists of sauna steam and hot tub. Well worth the fee they charge.
  8. It's the first time I'll be on this ship. Based on the deck plans I've seen, it does appear that there are separate sauna, steam and thermal suite areas for male and female passengers that are within the spa area. Does anyone know if these are limited only to passengers receiving spa treatments or with some paid spa access option? Or are these available for free to anyone? Also, I see 2 "steam" areas designated outside of the spa facility, but no reference to gender. I also don't see any layouts for the locker room areas. Anyone have intel on either of these as well? You can get a pass for the cruise , the men only area has a great sauna and steam, i think the 6 man jacuzzi may have been removed and replaced with single ones. There is also a free steam roo in mens locker room off the gym.
  9. Victoria and Wlizabethhave great free mens sauna with large window. Great conversations from my experience. Queen Mary does not have single sex sauna or steam.
  10. Sailed on sister ship Victoria and also enjoyed the great sauna with the huge window.
  11. Had great Male therapists on Cunards Queen Victoria in 2018 and on Viking Star in 2017. Was disappointed that on NCL and HAL there were only female massuers.
  12. I heard about the sauna on the konkoningsdam via a post on this site. The door was closed the day of embarkation but open when we set sail.
  13. Queen Mary is Co ed, Victoria and Elizabeth have a free single sex sauna in the mens changing room with large window looking onto the ocean, The steam is in the coed pay for spa area.
  14. uHope you are right that the saunas will be open. Love the men onlyspa area rea on NCL Jewel Class ships, also the saunas on Holand America ships that have windows . Cunard Victoria and Elizabeth and Holland Americas Statendam have a wall of glass in the sauna onto the ocean.
  15. Hope you are right that the saunas will be open. Love the men onlyspa area rea on NCL Jewel Class ships, also the saunas on Holand America ships that have windows .
  16. In my experienceI , the men only fee paying spa areas on the Jewel class ships with NCL are worth the expense.
  17. Jacuzzi is in the fee paying spa. Gem has a free steam room in the mens gym changing room. No free sauna or jacuzzi.
  18. The pool I am talking about is in the mens fee paying spa area of the Jade and it was there last May. By Community pool did you mean one which was free to use?
  19. Was on it this time last year. I did hear that the Pearl which os also Jewel class had its mens 5 man whirlpool retaken out and single use tons put in but may be mistaken.
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