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  1. 106 Days to the Bliss (7 night Alaska Haven Aft-Penthouse) 454 Days to the Breakaway (9 night So. Caribbean Haven Aft-Penthouse) And whatever I can find that fits into our already busy fall/winter schedule!
  2. And just like that - DH and I are heading to the ABCs!! Happy Valentines Day!
  3. This looks like a perfect itinerary! Just the right balance of sea days and ports! I'll have to look at this one closer!
  4. JamieLogical - A new side business to pay for more cruises? I'm not on your sailing (although if I were it would be a blast hanging!). My next trip isn't until the Bliss 5/31.
  5. I agree! JamieLogical is one of my favorite CC'ers! Now if I could just have one of her spreadsheets to do my upgrade bidding! LOL
  6. Thank you! I was looking for something "kid friendly" in Ketchikan! It looked like an easy port to navigate. With a playground, it may be a great way to let our little grands blow off some energy! And who doesn't love a horse-drawn carriage! I guess we'll be getting off in Victoria after all!
  7. No. Each cabin is independent and there is absolutely no guarantee that the cabins will be near each other. In fact there is no guarantee that each cabin will receive an upgrade. So you could have 2 cabins upgraded and 1 that did not. And once its upgraded, you cannot turn down the upgrade.
  8. Our group has 4 cabins booked - 2 Haven and 2 BA. One of the Haven cabins got an upgrade email today (110 days out). the rest of us didn't. We are all booked through CAS. Think there's still a chance? Or is it Day one and done?
  9. Going on my first Bliss cruise in May - this might be a fun way to stay warm in Alaska!
  10. I'm pretty sure we had to go out of the Haven and down a set of stairs for access into the spa area. We were in the OS, but had thermal spa passes.
  11. Are the bathrooms in the Haven "weird" as well? - asking for a friend 🙂
  12. There's so many places I want to see! There's so many ships I'm looking forward to sailing! They just don't always line up together. I guess that means I just need double the trips!
  13. With an ever growing bucket list for travel, I'm in constant planning mode. When you are planning your cruise, do you choose based on the ship or are you more about the destination?
  14. We've become spoiled on our travel - and now I don't think we can ever book a trip without the comforts of the Haven (or at least a suite). I find myself only pricing out trips that I know we can go Haven and first class!
  15. We go to the Bahamas 3 times a year (typically at the Atlantis). My favorites to go downtown are - the Poop Deck Athena's (Greek food - and amazing!) Sip Sip (at the Cove - Atlantis Resort) And we love, love love going to Fish Fry!
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