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  1. One person per cabin will get the Shore X ($50 credit), but the 1st 2 guests should get the dining package.
  2. Thanks for sharing the video of the 16001 on the Epic! That cabin looks amazing!!
  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the responses!
  4. We have a cruise booked leaving out of Miami and I have a boatload (yup, I just did that!) of Southwest points that I'm hoping to use, which means flying into (and returning) FLL. What time is typically "safe" for a return flight? Our cruise gets back on a Sunday, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you for sharing such a fun cruising memory! It brought a smile to my face on this dreary day!
  6. Our Bliss Panama Canal 16 day (2/22) has a $460 price reduction off the Haven HB. That's enough for us to call and either have them reprice the cabin or upgrade to the 2 Br. so we can have all the space!
  7. You are not the only one! We have the Breakaway booked for May 2021 (booked prepandemic) and we have the Bliss Panama Canal in February 2022 (booked using FCC) and are booking a third this weekend.
  8. I've never really looked at my confirmations closely. But I have 3 cruises for 2021/2022 booked through CAS. Only one of them (a 16 day Panama Canal on the Bliss) has a LatRew code (and I'm not sure what that is). Thanks 🙂
  9. We are fortunate to have a 2nd home on a large lake in NH. So we'll just do some staycationing here. We are on the boat all day (but I miss having a beverage package!). Our next trip will be January and March 2021 to the Atlantis (if The Bahamas opens back up) and some snowmobiling weekends come winter.
  10. Is there a laundry perk for the Haven? Discount or otherwise? I can't seem to find it (and my old-timer's is setting in and I don't remember!)
  11. Kudos @BirdTravels for such a fun thread! It's nice to see some of the threads getting back to fun cruise topics! Let's keep it up 🙂
  12. The Escape was our first NCL experience and we fell in love! We can't wait to sail her again! We have the Breakaway and the Bliss booked for 2021 and 2022. But there is just something magical about the Escape!
  13. We took the FCC for our 5/31 Bliss cruise but 2 of our kids took the refund (applied on 5/7) and both had the funds returned to their cards yesterday. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the earlier than expected return!
  14. Thank you for sharing something to bring a smile. This definitely sends out some positive vibes. I'm eager to get happy again! (when it's safe of course!)
  15. I have to agree! We plan to grab every opportunity we can to make more memories. I think sometimes we've focused on the things that we thought were so important and what COVID-19 has taught us is what matters is 1) our time together 2) our family 3) tackling the bucket list of dreams Be well! 🙂
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