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  1. I don't have it on our Feb. 2022 Bliss Panama Canal Cruise. We have it on 2 others, May 2021 and Eastern Caribbean 1/22. Ironically, both of these do go to GSC.
  2. Our May, 2021 on the Breakaway and Jan. 2022 on the Encore have this message, but our February 2022 Bliss 16 day cruise is still looking good.
  3. If you are booking a Haven (category H) or a Suite (catagory S) the deposit will be $1500. That has been a standard for NCL for at least the last few years that I've been cruising. Interior, Oceanview, Balcony and Club Balcony Suite (formerly Mini Suites) have a deposit of $250 per person.
  4. In a typical (pre-coronavirus) year, how many cruises would you typically take? And besides Alaska what did you consider "must do" each year? Fingers crossed for you that 2021 is far better with 0 cancellations! Those FCC can become a mess after a while!
  5. Thank you! We were looking at the Surf Club or the Mandarin Orient. But I will check out the two you recommended as well. We were fortunate to bank a small fortune in points and have a good pick of places. I just don’t know Miami to know locations.
  6. I would also love a recommendation for a good hotel. I want to surprise my husband for everything he does for me. He likes the finer things (that's why he picked me of course), but isn't much of a partier (so I don't think he'd want to party all night at South Beach. I'd like to keep it under $750 range. We'd love a nice view, beautiful pool, good food and a good place to grab a drink in the evening while we watch the sun go down. Where should I be looking?
  7. I saw that SW was adding Miami starting in November! I'm on the same cruise as you (Bliss, Feb. 2022), but I'm doing airfare for the Breakaway in May. Gotta burn up those points!
  8. Sounds like a great price for such luxury! I'm sure it will be worth every penny. We were in the OS on the Escape in 2018 and it was one of the best experiences. We felt like royalty (I'm sure the DOS experience is even that much better!).
  9. 226 until our first trip to the ABC islands on the Breakaway! (And we cannot wait!)
  10. If you are before final payment you can keep repricing, right up until that last final payment date. After final payment, you might be able to get some OBC, but not a reprice, without a cancellation fee.
  11. Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for! I'll reach out to him tomorrow. As always, I knew I could count on this board for great info! 🙂
  12. I'm looking for a recommendation for a good travel insurance company. (I apologize if this is against CC policy). Thanks!
  13. One person per cabin will get the Shore X ($50 credit), but the 1st 2 guests should get the dining package.
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