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  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing your time and your adventure with us!
  2. Thank you for taking us on your Alaskan adventure! We sail the Encore in January for the first time. So I really appreciate reading about your trip and this beautiful ship!
  3. I'm calling this list tonight's homework for our upcoming Bliss and Encore cruises! Thanks 🙂
  4. The sofa doubles as a bed for the 3rd guest.
  5. Absolutely! *The concierge and assistant have always been attentive to us. Checking in on us daily. It's nice to be a name and a face. *We've always had great butlers, who from day 1 knew our likes, dislikes. Our suites always had our favorite treats. We've had butlers go out of their way for our extended family (letting them into our suite, with our permission of course). My favorite example was in 2017, when our DIL was pregnant. (They were in a balcony cabin). Our butler would let her in daily while we were on excursions and bring her lunch, taking care of her, while we were away. *We love an evening cocktail before dinner (and late in the evening) in the Haven lounge, where the fantastic mixologists always seem to know our name (from day 1!) *The Haven pool and sundeck. It's such a great benefit to not have to worry about a chair when looking for some sun! Basically, it's very nice to be made to feel special. So often everything is go, go, go. Cruising for us in the Haven is a chance to slow down, be pampered and treated like we don't normally live at home.
  6. We have found the Haven worth it for us. We love the extra space, Haven lounge and the personal touches that come with being a Haven guest. Yes, it does make the cruise a bit more spendy, but for us, the extra benefits of the Haven are worth the expense. I hope whichever way you try NCL, you have a wonderful experience!
  7. I have LATVIP15 on 2 upcoming cruises. I know we got 15% off, but I think there might have been an extra point too. (Booked 9/29/20) - Can anyone confirm what this code is?
  8. Thanks! Maybe we'll split the difference! One cruise we'll Vibe it up and one will be a more laid back Haven all the time. I don't mind walking to to the Haven bar. But some of the Vibe threads make it seem like a can't miss experience.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked and answered - We have two upcoming cruises (Jan and Feb) in the Haven. Is there bar service on the sundeck? Or should we plan Vibe passes? We have only sailed in the Haven before, but we didn't use the pool/sundeck area during the day, as our family didn't have Haven access. I plan to just lay on the deck... with the upgraded drink package and a good book, while finally getting back to sea!
  10. I have META on a booking. We upgraded our casino comp to a Haven suite. So I assume it's for that?
  11. Personally, I'd like to see them keep the 100% vaccinated. At least until these numbers are considerably lower. I applaud NCL for setting such a high standard on this one!
  12. This board has been so helpful! I have two last questions... (Famous last words!) Can the initial cruise be booked with any travel agent and then upgraded by World Points or should it be booked direct through NCL? And would an upgraded cruise be eligible for the Upgrade Advantage Program (provided the travel agent participates) or does using the World points upgrade take away the bid option? We have friends who are planning to book an inside stateroom on our Panama Canal cruise and then we'll use our points to upgrade them to a balcony. I think it's a savings of roughly $3,000 - better than the $600 in OBC, if it works right! Thanks again!!
  13. My January 2 cruise on the Encore still has a final payment due of Sept. 4. I'd love to see an announcement too (or Peace of Mind, either or!)
  14. Oh Wow! That changes everything! Is limit on how many days on the cruise? (7 or under, or would a 16 day Panama Canal be a good one? ) Thank you for the help! You have given me so much to think about today! :(I thought I was just going to use it to pay down on a cruise, which seemed such a waste!)
  15. Thank you Steve! Would you know if the upgrade can be used for someone else (other than myself or DH?) or do I need to call WorldPoints? We've been spoiled in the Haven now and once that happens, it's hard to go back!
  16. I'd also like some help with what is the best use of my points. I have 120,964 points. I'm currently booked in an HB on my January cruise and an H5 on my February cruise. We are CAS guest and usually upgrade our comped Mini-suite to a Haven booking (so an upgrade wouldn't apply to us). We do often take one or all of our grown children and their families on a cruise (not in the Haven, but hey they aren't paying are they?) - can I use the upgrade for them? Otherwise, what is the best use of these points (some that expire in the fall of 2022!)
  17. Thank you ImaDaneFan (and your TA, Steve) for those Haven menus! My mouth is watering over those food options and can't wait to have some crafted cocktails by the best mixologists on the high seas!
  18. Yes. I always receive the $100 OBC in addition to any free at sea perks.
  19. I just looked at our January cruise (we booked on 9/30) and priced it again. Port fees, etc. when we booked (for 2) were $484.88 and now are $493.26. I personally don't think under $10 is a signifiant price increase. And I'm on the Bliss Panama Canal sailing in February (we booked last May) and those fees are exactly the same, now as we paid in May ($951.92).
  20. The Encore ends her Alaska season on 10/23 in Seattle and then starts her run from Miami to the Caribbean on 11/14. But there is nothing listed taking her to the East Coast. Will they sail with an empty ship? Inquiring minds want to know!
  21. Hoping against all hope that we are ok! This is the first time ever that we have 22 days at sea booked (2 cruises) in the first two months of 2022. So far, I think we are good.... Fingers crossed for those getting the "Default Itinerary" screen. I know what a rollercoaster on the emotions that can be!
  22. I expected price increases. But I wasn't prepared for the sticker shock when I logged on today! We booked our Encore cruise last September. Now the same H5 cabin is almost $10,000 more. For a 7 night Caribbean cruise? I know it's the Haven, but I paid just under $6,000. Now that same cabin is almost $16,000! That's insanity!
  23. Yes. It would be a very vanilla world if we all saw things the same way. I do tend to like a lot of different flavors!
  24. I'm sorry that my original question has caused such a stir. Again, it was not my intention to bring our friends into the Haven.
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