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  1. I booked mine through NCL. I didn’t want the specialty dining perk. They had no problems taking that one off. I still received all the others though.
  2. I’m pretty sure most of us has been tracking Dorian. I have been keeping track of when different cruise companies say they are returning. Most say they will be going back to port tomorrow. Do you think that it will be open because this hurricane is moving so slow. I’m definitely not experienced in this so any input would be great.
  3. I got it for my breakaway cruise 6 December 2020.
  4. Thanks. It isn’t for me. I love my meat!! One of my travel companions doesn’t eat meat and I thought this would be a good thing for us to go to...you know leave the kids with the dads while the moms have some alone fun time!!😋
  5. For the lunch....what if you are a vegetarian? Do they accommodate that or do you get what you get.
  6. I love trivia. I am horrible at it but that’s the fun of it!!
  7. Epic was the first and only ship I’ve been on. Have breakaway booked for 2020. I loved my time on the epic. Entertainment and food was fantastic. Glad you had a good cruise!
  8. When I was on epic last year my daughter and I did the family amazing race. That was a lot of fun!! Just like others said make sure you log out. I didn’t at first and lost half my minutes.
  9. Looking forward to your breakaway review! I’m book on her in 2020. Way to long of a wait!
  10. Don’t get the tablets. They can turn your mouth black. Google it. I didn’t believe it till I woke up one morning after taking them before bed in Cuba. Thank goodness that a little scrubbing with my toothbrush took care of it. Lol I had no clue what was going on with me....my girl friends had a good laugh at my expense though🤣
  11. I did the river tubing and bamboo beach combo with NCL. It was pretty good. My 13 year old loved it!!
  12. $15 for the float mats. They will have a bunch of them. No need to worry if you are going to get one or not. Enjoy, it is beautiful!!!
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