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  1. B-52 looks like a Duck Fart, which is Kaluha, Bayleys and Whiskey (Crown)
  2. I'm trying to figure the location of the Slide off the side of the ship in relation to our Cabin 11160. When we called NCL not all that long ago, they said "No slides on the Prima", I was ready to pull the plug, and wahlah, they have slides.....still a kid at heart😋. Anyhow, any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Chers !
  3. Oh boy, Boss Lady not gonna be happy. Changed our Prima to Bermuda due to no waterslides on the Prima, was excited to get on the Bliss finally, now they are taking it away......boy am I gonna have my hands full
  4. I've heard that if you want cash, but do not want to use ATM and pay a fee, buy chips at the Casino with your credit card, then turn in the chips back for cash......would that work ?
  5. Our vacay starts the moment we leave work and pull into the driveway, from there we hire a car to the Port, or airport, then another car to take us where we need to go.
  6. Actually, we did see Chior of Man....loved it, would see it again.
  7. I'm waiting for The Beer Drinker Musical......"I love ya man".....BURP !
  8. The comparison is spending time at the beach if we were to do a 3 day Stirrup Cay. There is entertainment in the areas we camp, can't compare that to a cruise, but always something to do if you'd like. Our camper does have 2 Kings, a Couch and Dinnette that converts to beds for guest, but not like a Haven Suite
  9. We hook up our camper every year and head to Cape Cod for 4 days of camping, beach by 9am, back at the campsite by 4pm, shower up then off to visit local shops and dinner every day, it's like the same thing, only on water.
  10. I know I would. 3 days of Tendering from 8am-8pm, all beach days with music, free food and drink.......yep, I'm there.
  11. Here is what happened to us. Our cruise to Bahamas out of NY canceled in April 2020, we took the 125% FCC with I believe 20% off next booking. We used the FCC to book same cruise out of NY one year later in 2020, and had $1,900 of FCC left and booked Bermuda for 2022. Well things here fell apart, surgeries will not allow me to travel, so we cancelled the 2020 cruise and rebooked an Eastern Caribbean out of Miami in 2022, using the FCC and figured we would be fine, I did a mock booking and it looked like the same cost as the cruise we are cancelling, especially with the 30% off, and still have the $1,900 left on the Bermuda sailing. well, after booking the Eastern Caribbean, the TA tells me they will need to pull $1,000 from the Bermuda FCC booking if I did not want to pull cash out of pocket, so we did. Something not right, 30% off and I still lose $1,000 FCC to this sailing when a mock booking had the price within $100 ?
  12. We have a sailing with Puerta Plata as a port, I've been warned by a few about being harassed or robbed.....should I be concerned ?
  13. We are looking at a sailing out of Miami, which means a flight / hotel, we intend on arriving a day early. We will likely fly out of NY, possibly CT, thinking it would be a non-stop flight. I have horror stories of red eye flights, seating that splits the family, layovers for hours. What are you experiences ?......do you trust NCL ?. What hotel is recommended nearest he port ?
  14. 😞....I hope they just met the capacity restrictions and are still setting sail....I know, not likely. I wonder if they are offering anything extra for the cancelled cruises ?
  15. We used our extra credits toward a second cruise, covered about 50% of the cost
  16. I was lucky enough to see Choir of Man, great show.
  17. My understanding it that it is 125% of the Cruise fare, and only the cruise fare.
  18. I never promoted the practice. Let's just let it be. Just wondering, do you think NCL makes up the loss from the Promo to hard working, behind the scenes crew ?
  19. I have never, ever, nor intend to remove the DSC from any cruise, or any vacation I take. I also tip generously to those I interact with. Even if the check includes a 20% gratuity, I always add 20% cash at the table, $5 every other drink order at the bars, and when being served at the pool.
  20. Not at all, just pointing out the Promo is smoke a mirrors, not a real money saving Promo. Now if they covered Gratuities on the packages, that is a savings.
  21. It's not something I do, nor encourage, just letting someone know thier rights.
  22. Don't forget, that Daily Service Charge is "Discretionary", so what they are offering to cover is something that you do not have to pay anyhow, totally optional.
  23. I feel your pain. We are hooking up the camper and hitting the road.
  24. They did the same when cancelling my April cruise. You could always re-book and use the extra percentage on a FCC to upgrade on your own
  25. Geeze folks, we're talking a bout a few thousands dollars or so, not your entire bank account.
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