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  1. They did the same when cancelling my April cruise. You could always re-book and use the extra percentage on a FCC to upgrade on your own
  2. Geeze folks, we're talking a bout a few thousands dollars or so, not your entire bank account.
  3. Personally, we went for the FCC and booked a 2021 cruise and will use the remaining FCC for a second cruise. I have faith they will return, if not.....🙁.....roll of the dice
  4. I would book them a nice Balcony Cabin
  5. Thanks folks. It resolved itself. We were suppose to return yesterday, woke this morning to check, it now just shows our cruise booked for 2021. Thanks
  6. I still have my cancelled cruise listed on opening page. Any idea how to get rid of it and just have my new reservation show ?
  7. You should start a "Roll Call" and announce your intentions. Oooops, just checked, already a Roll Call started.
  8. I can tell you Mini Suite 10790 had the Bed closest to the door and Couch at the Balcony. Looking over the Balcony, you saw the top of the Life Boats about 2 decks down.
  9. Boss lady has been out since first week in March, I have been out since the 23rd.
  10. I guess I don't need the $$ as much as others, no disrespect to anyone, I just don't see what the rush is. As for me and Boss Lady, we took the FCC and actually booking 2 cruises to make up for the lost one.....of course in 2021. This summer, we will hook the camper to truck and put some miles on it.
  11. There could be tens of thousands that are requesting the refund, this may take time. It's not as easy as "You owe me money", and I write you a check or make a trip to the bank. What if you had gone on that cruise ?, the money would be gone anyhow ?.
  12. C'mon, cut them some slack. Think of how many people are requesting refunds or FCC, the FCC I can see being easy, but a cash refund, or apply back to CC takes time when you look at how many they need to do, not just a push of a button, there is a lot of accounting to do. I haven't checked, I'm sure folks are also screaming about other cruise lines.
  13. We rebooked for April 2021 and used no cash, all FCC thru our agent.
  14. I called NCL, a 2 year old did test positive, as of a couple hours ago, no other reports. They will have the ship cleaned and sanitized for my sailing.....unless they cancel
  15. Fingers crossed, unless they cancel, I'm sailing on the 12th.
  16. Whenever I had an injury, momma always used alcohol😋
  17. I would hope this is the answer^^^^. Add on the idea that the crew stay aboard cleaning, not mingle with the population at port (their own quarantine), and within 30 days, you'll know you have a healthy staff or not.
  18. I haven't heard of any Covid19 issues with any NCL ship, so they may be the safest / only game in town.....Bubba Gump Shrimp comes to mind.
  19. Due to a price drop, we were able to get a free upgrade to a much better Cabin and location
  20. You should be able to bid via the email offer without involving the TA
  21. We booked a Balcony Cabin on the Bliss sailing April 12, someone from our Roll Call mentioned a price drop and upgraded and saved money, I called our TA to check our Cabin and prices for a possible upgrade savings, TA called NCL, TA said "not possible without massive penalty", called NCL myself, they said "It can be done" called TA again, they got it done. We didn't save money, but we got upgraded to a Mini Suite at no cost, or loss of perks.
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