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  1. 15 hours ago, edsbiggbuck said:

    We were on the 3/8 sailing and were notified 2 days ago that a 2 year old has tested positive from the 03/01 sailing.

    We were on floor 10 aft and they had a family from North of NYC quarantined in their cabin until cabin until they were let off in Nassau,

    I wonder what happened to the family once off the ship ?

  2. 9 hours ago, tutuwahineLV said:

    Here's my 2 cents...and thoughts.  

    I don't think they'll send the crew homeward,  too great a chance they won't be able to easily get back, depending on what this virus is doing in their home country in the ensuing month.  And, they'll need someone to do the deep cleaning that I'm sure they will be doing during this 30days....gives the crew something to do.  

    And then the ships will be spic and span and sparkling when they start welcoming passengers back.  

    I would hope this is the answer^^^^. Add on the idea that the crew stay aboard cleaning, not mingle with the population at port (their own quarantine), and within 30 days, you'll know you have a healthy staff or not.

  3. We booked a Balcony Cabin on the Bliss sailing April 12, someone from our Roll Call mentioned a price drop and upgraded and saved money, I called our TA to check our Cabin and prices for a possible upgrade savings, TA called NCL, TA said "not possible without massive penalty", called NCL myself, they said "It can be done" called TA again, they got it done. We didn't save money, but we got upgraded to a Mini Suite at no cost, or loss of perks.

  4. 6 minutes ago, BirdTravels said:

    You are at the entrance to the District Brewhouse. The District has live music nightly. While you are not directly over the bar/club, you will likely get a little noise into the night. Luckily, the District is more piano music than recorded music with deep bass. 

    Thanks Bird, I'm not thrilled with what I think the view may be, we like looking over and watch the waves below, but I think we can deal with the Brewhouse below, it will like being there listening to the action from the comfort of your stateroom. I guess we'll see.....was thinking of going for bidding on an upgrade, just afraid to spend more $$ and be in a similar, or worse situation.

  5. 7 hours ago, esm54687 said:

    would you assume your friend the mechanic is responsible for your car if it breaks down or the IT brother in law to come running if your laptop crashes or the financial consultant cousin to set up you're retirement plan or maybe you're an awesome baker does that mean you're on the hook for every celebration to make the cake.....  no one should be stuck doing anything just because they have a skill set that someone else doesn't. 





    I'm saying that people in the profession are a special breed, with incredible compassion, and will instinctively help, very different from your Auto Tech or IT person. I agree that boundaries should be set and honored.

  6. Handicaps are not always obvious or visible. Maybe a person has an issue with standing for an extended period, or walking certain distances, maybe sudden dizzy spells if vertical too long. Don't judge on what you think is the obvious, but do get out of the way of those scooters, some of those people will run you down.

  7. IMO, get ready for it, you will be stuck attending to this man more than you would like. You and your husband are both professionals in the field that this man needs, which to me means, your instinct to help will kick in. Think about it, someone needs help and yells "Is there a doctor in the house", you know a doctor isn't going to ignore the call. People in your profession are a special breed in my eyes, and just can't turn thier back on someone in need.

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