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  1. Wow, I better grab a couple of beers while I wait in line
  2. I have 9180 booked, any info on location, I'm thinking of upgrading if it's that bad. Supposedly it almost above the Brewhouse which I think we can tolerate as we would like the sound of the music while on our Balcony.....not ideal, but tolerable.
  3. Thanks Bird, I'm not thrilled with what I think the view may be, we like looking over and watch the waves below, but I think we can deal with the Brewhouse below, it will like being there listening to the action from the comfort of your stateroom. I guess we'll see.....was thinking of going for bidding on an upgrade, just afraid to spend more $$ and be in a similar, or worse situation.
  4. Thanks Jamie. Just hope we are above some music venue.
  5. Someone has told me that our Stateroom (9180) "Overlooks the Running / Walking Track....look off your Balcony, and that is your view below", any idea if that is true ?.....or is it just "Above" it, tucked under out of view ?. Thanks in advance
  6. Great thread. This one sounds like something even I would try, a definite for Boss Lady😋
  7. I'm saying that people in the profession are a special breed, with incredible compassion, and will instinctively help, very different from your Auto Tech or IT person. I agree that boundaries should be set and honored.
  8. Handicaps are not always obvious or visible. Maybe a person has an issue with standing for an extended period, or walking certain distances, maybe sudden dizzy spells if vertical too long. Don't judge on what you think is the obvious, but do get out of the way of those scooters, some of those people will run you down.
  9. Yep, gonna be a "Must" for us on our sailing.
  10. IMO, get ready for it, you will be stuck attending to this man more than you would like. You and your husband are both professionals in the field that this man needs, which to me means, your instinct to help will kick in. Think about it, someone needs help and yells "Is there a doctor in the house", you know a doctor isn't going to ignore the call. People in your profession are a special breed in my eyes, and just can't turn thier back on someone in need.
  11. My opinion is that it is better than an Inside Cabin, but looks like a big Ocean View Cabin.
  12. The Balcony you win could be a Balcony vacated by someone who won thier upgrade bid
  13. Maybe once on board, head to the gift shop and grab something specific to the ship or cruise, raffle it off at the M&M.
  14. We are doing a Beach Day and Dolphin Swim at Blue Lagoon. From what I gather, you get off the ship in Nassau, get on some sort of Tender, which brings you to the Blue Lagoon, from there do they give you a time get back on the Tender to Nassau to then board the ship ?.
  15. We had Metal Water Bottles in the side pockets of my Backpack (exposed), was not an issue getting on board.
  16. So, carry as little cash as possible, leave the backpack on the ship, bare minimum, leave nothing on the beach as you hit the water at any time ?
  17. 1 pm would be awesome, still a little time to hit the sand. Later in the evening hours, are there any security concerns ?
  18. If they get into Nassau early, I imagine you can get off the ship and enjoy the extra time there ?
  19. Bed near the slider ?....noise from other Decks ?....and any other opinion on location
  20. I did all our booking at 12:03am 120 days out. The real reason was Jersey Boys, they only have a few shows and was not chancing anything.
  21. Can't answer your question, just be sure the credit is "Per person", not "Per Cabin"
  22. Not meaning to hijack. If I reserve a Clamshell, and use my $50 Port Excursion Credit, does that actually count as an Excursion and help get one of the first Tenders to GSC ?
  23. Thank you for the correction, I enjoyed Margaritaville on the Escape and was looking forward to it on the Bliss
  24. I'm not sure, but my understanding is that Magaritaville has been replaced with "The American Diner" ?
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