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  1. While at GSC, can you use your drink package ?........and how about food ?.....do we need to bring cash or CC ?
  2. We did Crystal Caves and Swizzle Inn.....also took the Free Ferry. Bermuda was my first cruise experience, and chosen simply because the ship is at port for multiple days, so that took away the fear of being a you tube pier runner.
  3. I was taken back when I was on my first cruise and saw the charge when I checked the account. The TA never mentioned it, and I did not understand what it was for, so we marched down the the service desk and inquired, where they told me it is a "Discretionary Service Charge".....I said "So it's at my discretion ?"....she said yes and explained why the charge existed, so it was fine by me, left it in place and still tipped those I interacted with.
  4. We considered an all inclusive, Aruba was in mind, my brother and his Wife are heading there for the second time and they asked us to join them.....would of loved to go, just can't swing the time off work☹️. Any how, the draw for us would be....get off the plane, be on a beach within an hour
  5. Tepanyaki was our favorite when we were on the Escape in June. Thanks for taking us along.....feels like I was back on the ship.....excluding the listing.
  6. Just got an email from my TA.....the charge increase is minimal. Also, the charge is "Discretionary"......not saying "Don't pay it", just pointing out that NCL does not have your back to the wall.
  7. I would like to know what the drunk said the kid ?....was it a girl ?....did he say something inappropriate that got Mom fired up ?....did Dad step in to defend both Wife and Daughter ?. If it were my daughter, and the comment was inappropriate, you can bet my Wife would step up.....and I always have her back, regardless.
  8. Our experience is just as BirdTravels. We were in Mini-Suite 10790, and others we traveled with were in Balcony Cabins, and the Shower was the only difference.. We did have NCL Slippers and Robes, but not sure if that was a fluke.
  9. Likely over tipping. First time at any Bar, $5.....after that $2 here and there....move on to the next Bar, we start over. Restaurants, regardless of 20% added to the bill....still leave 20% cash tip....cash is best. Boss Lady would fill in at her Dad's restaurant, and I saw how hard the work actually was, I have a lot of respect for those in the industry.
  10. I gave out generous tips to everyone I interacted with, did not expect the charge at the end of the cruise.....of course, I left it in place.
  11. Not sure if it just NCL, but I was surprised at end of our cruise (my first) that there was a daily Discretionary Service Charge automatically charged to our cabin.....didn't expect that one.
  12. I am new to cruising.....only one under my belt, and it was NCL, my Wife (Boss Lady) has been on a few. We both noticed the above quote from Sandy, no interaction from the overworked and unhappy crew, although everyone was cordial. We currently booked another NCL in 2020 for the cheap deposit, and are also going to look at RCCL.
  13. Would of ticked me off if I spilled my drink, but what the heck, I got the drink package....pour me another. Not that I would of liked to experience it, but would give ya something to remember. I imagine the upper decks felt it a lot more than the lower.
  14. I have asked the same question on the Bliss......the Boss Lady and I like to shoot a game or two. I have You Tubed the Bliss and have not seen a Pool Table.
  15. Is Charry (Hotel Assistant Manager) still on board ?.......any issue we had, she quickly handled and would stop by and visit us during dinner to make sure everything was going well.
  16. I did the Meet & Mingle on my first ever Cruise on the Escape back in June 2018....to say I was a nervous wreck would be putting it mildly. Luckily, I had asked someone (via email, no pressure) to run the Slot Pull, and she accepted (Thanks Robin & Ron), I also tried to run a Cabin Crawl, we had some impressive Cabins to view, and only about 7 going for the crawl.....worked out great. We had from a Studio (great set up) to Spa Mini Suite, to a Forward Facing Suite. Everybody was great, and if I goofed, nobody said a thing knowing it was my first.....I had an absolute blast, and has turned me into what my Wife calls a "Cruise Monster". The people who immediate come to mind, Cheyl, Robin, Ron, Steve, Pat, Jay (Jamie) and Crystal, I will never forget. I would not miss an opportunity to meet some great people.
  17. We are doing the same , but in April 2020 on the Bliss. I had a great time on the Escape with you and the others back in June 2018.....made my first Cruise experience something I will never forget....Thank you.
  18. How are you doing steve ?.....ready for another cruise ?
  19. I believe at 1:28 is the Ocean Blue Menu.......
  20. We had a Hot Dog from the cart on our Bermuda Cruise on the Escape back in June 2018.....it was around lunch time, near the pool Bar
  21. I was thinking the same thing when comparing NCL to Royal Caribbean, and found that the Drink Package with Royal was somewhere in the $70 per person, per day....that brought the difference a little closer.
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