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  1. Brooklyn ?.....didn't know that was an option, I thought it was either Manhattan or NJ ?
  2. I did a you tube tour....saw a Ping Pong Table. As for us, Boss Lady and I like to shoot a couple games of Pool and have not seen a Pool Table
  3. With all these issues with GSC, and not being able to tender there, we may consider cancelling our NCL Cruise and jump on Royal Caribbean for Coco Cay. Seems there are a few who have missed it multiple times.
  4. It's not so much about the destination, as it is the journey
  5. Believe me, not going to cancel the Cruise over a Pool Table, we enjoy shooting a game or two.
  6. Boss Lady and I have been watching videos taken aboard the Bliss, and have yet to see a Pool Table.....does the Bliss have a Pool Table ?
  7. We may try an All Inclusive next year. We considered it instead of the Cruise, we go to these locations for the beach and thought "Why waste time cruising on a ship to get there, when you can fly and be on the beach that day ?"....our answer, as we looked at each other and agreed...."It's also about the journey"
  8. An extra day at the next Port would be awesome
  9. If they cancel GSC, what do they do in place of......just anchor off the Island ?.......head to the next Port for an extra day ?
  10. Great show, we saw it on the Escape last year with the original cast....can't say I enjoyed the food and drink being served, but was able to have the waitstaff get our preferred drink for us.
  11. Not sure, I just know that I didn't make that run because I wanted to hit the Buffet for food and missed out on the Comedy show I wanted to see as it sold out fast
  12. I only noticed the bigger bathroom. We were in Cabin 10790 on the Escape. We just made plans on the Bliss for April 2020 in a Standard Balcony, and will likely move to a Mini Suite if they offer a cheap upgrade like they did when we booked the Escape
  13. As soon as you board, hit the Box Office to make reservations.
  14. I was on the same Cruise with Barb65.....we well as far as I'm concerned
  15. Where / how do you acquire the "Cruise Critic" luggage ID ?. Thanks for taking us along. Is Charry still on board as the Hotel Directors Secretary ?.....she is great to deal with if you have any issues......always referred to me as Mr. Richard....guess the last name was hard to pronounce
  16. Our carry on was a backpack and it worked out great....both hands free for drinks and food once on board
  17. June 3rd to Bermuda on the Escape was my first.....I'm hooked....not ready to sell the camper, but itchin' for the next cruise
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