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  1. I don’t bring my laundry with me on vacation. They are actually washing the sheets and towels owned by the cruise line and provided to the customer to use as part of the fare. Same thing with their dishes. Serving food on dirty plates wouldn’t go over well.
  2. So us one supposed to write a check to Walmart or amazon in the hopes it somehow trickles down to their employees?
  3. Why people voluntarily donate to a billion dollar company to pay their staff is beyond me.
  4. Many hourly jobs work that way. If you don’t work you don’t get paid. The ones that work more hours to cover for you get the extra pay.
  5. Kinda like driving through the middle of the desert with a flat spare tire. No thanks!
  6. I think they put three there for a reason What happens if another one breaks or they hit a storm and they need it? Safety first!
  7. Agreed but I would be more concerned you will be out to sea with thousands of fellow passengers on a defective ship!
  8. Come to think of it, I never really noticed it being a problem but maybe it’s beca the elevator lobby is so crowded after shows etc that I just didn’t see it. I’ll be sure to be more cognizant of this in the future. Maybe they need to make some kind of announcement of this reminding people to be more aware especially in crowded areas.
  9. That’s weird. I’ve been told the exact opposite, e
  10. We remove the discretionary charge and leave 100 dollars. I would have no problem reducing that amount if the service wasn’t good, but we never ran into that issue.
  11. When I win, I tip them the same amount as they tip me when I lose. Zero. That’s right the big old goose egg! So I don’t care if they keep it or not.
  12. We tend to avoid confrontations and would never complain to management about any employee, which could affect their livelihood.
  13. You should follow your own advice. Your the one that seems to not agree with the pay policies.
  14. If they are unhappy, they should speak to their employer. We don’t go around donating to billion dollar companies to pay their employees salaries. We have our own more needy charities to donate to. Have a lovely cruise!
  15. Yeah sure. What banned list? The imaginary one? They should reverse the charge in the same amount of time it takes them to charge it.
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