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  1. Dispute the charge with your credit card. Services not received.
  2. Great news, if the ship actually sails and if it does you don’t end up getting it, or being stuck in the cabin for a few weeks.
  3. Terrible news. Thank god we did a chargeback in round one.
  4. Yikes! I am a fan of Seadream, but those cabins are tiny, especially to be quarantined in them!
  5. Apparently the crew didn’t help much either, so don’t expect much help god forbid if a cruise ship starts to sink Some of the 4,200 passengers and crew members who were aboard the Concordia said Schettino shouldn't be the only person tried. `'Frankly, I'm not angry with Schettino," said Gianluca Gabrielli, a 33-year-old Roman who is a surviving passenger. `'I'm angry with the whole crew. They were smiling at the beginning, but when they realized that there was danger, they escaped, abandoning us," Gabrielli said outside the Grosseto theater, which is serving as a makeshift cou
  6. In the event you had to get on a life boat as the ship sinks, it will be anything but orderly. When the ship starts to sink, do you really think there is going to be a lot of coordination and assistance? Just look at the captain of the Concordia. He jumped off and the ship did not even sink! You would think he would have stayed on to make sure everyone was safe, but no, apparently human nature took over. Such a sad affair so many died following their so called safety procedures.
  7. Didn’t someone insist this would never be allowed?
  8. Must be a terrible business. Lol. Horrible, just horrible. Ridiculous.
  9. Basically enticing them to steal for you.
  10. Sure it’s fair. What happens if there is an outbreak on the ship? Who will provide the care ? In the case of the crew, who is going to pay for the hospital treatment even if their is enough space? Are we going to have to ration ICU beds? The cruiselines couldn’t contain Norovirus from one cruise to the next What makes you think COVID will be any better? I don’t think the cruise lines can be trusted to even report accurately. Too bad for them. The executives made a ton of money on the backs of the poor crew. They still haven’t gotten all the crew home yet....the cruise lines deserve wha
  11. We are considering this ship if cruising is ever safe again. Can you tell me more about it when you were on it?
  12. I read the testimony. Clearly that was not the case. Apparently their training and action/inaction lead to many of the deaths.
  13. Yeah. Worked really great. Except for the people who died. Look what happened and the ship did not even sink! Go figure.
  14. So if you leave the auto gratuities in place, you are only reimbursing the cruise line for what they pay their crew? we remove the tips and tip as we go. We always have excellent service especially when they find out we are cash tippers!
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