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  1. I don’t blame you. If plenty of others are reserving chairs, and the cruise line isn’t doing anything about it why shouldn’t you? If we go out the first morning an can’t find a good place to sit because all the chairs are reserved with towels, we will do the same thing the next morning. Fool me once your fault, fool me twice…
  2. Us too. We tip as we go. If NCL chooses to have an incentive program for its behind the scenes crew (whomever that includes) then they could always fund it themselves, but they choose not to. Last time I checked NCL is not a charity, so we chose not to donate to them.
  3. Interesting they set up a charity for their own employees, and people who blindly support it we remove the charges and tip as we go. We never tip the behind the scenes crew or the entertainment staff..
  4. Starting to think about our next cruise. We have been on Carnival, Princess, Royal, Holland America etc, and never went on a cruise we didn’t like. We were totally fine with whatever meals they served, and entertainment they had. We do not expect gourmet food or Broadway level shows What we did not like were the smoking restrictions. Some ships had very limited areas to smoke, in fact on azamara, there was only one, which meant you would see the same people there everyday. Not that it would be a problem, but there was a drunk obnoxious lady there everyday who thought she was the life of the party, but everyone else thought she was annoying. It looks like you can smoke on the balconies, correct? Also are there multiple other places you can smoke? Does it make a difference what region the ship is in?
  5. I think you better run the water in the shower for a while and leave the room. Also, I guess the water is not as safe as some make it out to be, claiming it’s the same as bottled water, and even go so far as saying its okay for CPAP machines.
  6. What does this have to do with the haven? Isn’t that what this thread is about? Who cares how much yo say you gambled?
  7. That stinks. Sounds like you did everything you were supposed to. They are making the requirements too confusing. I don’t think they even know what’s required a land based vacation is looking more and more appealing
  8. Seems like she is making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s not like she was moved from an aft balcony, or some other real premium cabin.
  9. Not according to the people who actually work there
  10. Good. They should allow no waivers at all, even for the kids.
  11. Um congratulations? You must be so much better then a lot of the people on the ship that scrimp and save to go on a cruise. Sorry you had to wait so long to start enjoying life. Sad.
  12. Oh please. If everyone followed that guideline the cruise line would be out of business.
  13. Good. Now If they decide to bypass Florida on the cruises out of New York we are in!
  14. Clearly the credit card company agreed the chargeback was legitimate based on the terms and conditions carnival agreed to when they chose to accept credit cards. Now they are being punitive toward the customer because they chose to exercise their rights. funny how they throw their terms and conditions in the consumers face when something goes wrong, but then get bothered when the consumer does the same thing.
  15. Carnival is the one that laid off their employees. Now you think it’s an acceptable excuse for them to be so untimely with the refunds? That’s just absurd. How many executives with million dollar salaries did they lay off?
  16. Just let your spouse book it with their credit card. If that’s not doable, perhaps consider rccl or msc. They are both better anyway
  17. The passengers paid for one thing, and the cruise line provided another. What’s so confusing? I wouldn’t expect that from a luxury line. seadream does not provide free laundry services either, but they never say they do, you know that going in. These excuses about marketing teams mistakes are just that excuses, and, are making the problem worse. It’s time the company does the right thing as a whole, and do the right thing instead of somehow pretending the companies internal missteps are somehow the clients responsibility.
  18. Agree. We will only go if all are vaccinated otherwise there are plenty of other places to go
  19. For companies that treat their employees like crap and don’t pay a fair wage…..
  20. Not bitter at all. Just not a cheerleader. God forbid they hire more staff to refund monies due in a timely manner. Staffing is their issue and not the consumers. totally ridiculous people think this is acceptable.
  21. Lying was the new normal until 5 or 6 months ago. Maybe they didn’t get the memo.
  22. The environment allows them to charge your card right away, but then delay 4-6 weeks to issue a refund. Got it.
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