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  1. Royal Caribbean blog lists a refreshed Solarium as one of the changes on Allure and Oasis, anybody know what that entails?
  2. I am not being snarky, I am curious, why do you all care which CD is where? How much difference does it make?
  3. I would be surprised by Anthem in Ft. Lauderdale. I read an interview saying Oasis class specifically designed for warm ports and Quantum specifically for cool ports.
  4. Don't know about how many loungers, but the balconies are considerably deeper.
  5. I consider myself a casual dresser. I hate ties only because I have a large neck so unless I spend a lot on a shirt, the neck is too small. That said I would not go into a specialty restaurant in shorts for dinner. Pants and a polo at least. Seriously, a polo is a t-shirt with a collar, you should at least be able to manage that.
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