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  1. You are awesome! Thank you sooo much!
  2. is there a corkage fee if you buy a bottle from their ship? And what is the costs of bottles from carnival? And under curousity how much is a simple glass of white in the main dining room? Thanks
  3. hi there, my girlfriend and myself are not big drinkers so we would like to bring a bottle of wine on the ship with us. If one of us brings a bottle of wine, does that exclude one of us to also bring a 12 pack of canned soda? And what are the fees or charges we need to pay when bringing the bottle onboard and to dinner about three times? Thanks.
  4. curious to know which internet package I would need to purchase to watch Netflix from my carnival interior room on our Journey cruise next month on the Breeze? Or is any internet package even fast enough to steam Netflix? Thanks
  5. hi there. I checked in early this morning and grabbed the first opening at 12 to 12:30 on the 14 day Journey cruise on the Breeze this November. I did not see an earlier time, since no faster to the Fun was available on this cruise, did I more than likely get the first time available outside those that are Platinum or Diamond cruisers? Or was I bit late and times before noon exist? I know rooms aren’t ready until 1:30 so any tips besides packing swimwear in carry on bags or grabbing a bit to eat right away? Thanks.
  6. hello there, my girlfriend and I are new to cruising and we have a 14 day Carnival Journey Cruise on the Breeze later on this year. With such a long time at sea, any tips or advice for such an incredible cruise? We are visiting Barbados and St John and Grenada and Antigua and St Lucia etc. This cruise seems to hit the most exotic ports! Very excited!
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