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  1. You are awesome! Thank you sooo much!
  2. is there a corkage fee if you buy a bottle from their ship? And what is the costs of bottles from carnival? And under curousity how much is a simple glass of white in the main dining room? Thanks
  3. hi there, my girlfriend and myself are not big drinkers so we would like to bring a bottle of wine on the ship with us. If one of us brings a bottle of wine, does that exclude one of us to also bring a 12 pack of canned soda? And what are the fees or charges we need to pay when bringing the bottle onboard and to dinner about three times? Thanks.
  4. curious to know which internet package I would need to purchase to watch Netflix from my carnival interior room on our Journey cruise next month on the Breeze? Or is any internet package even fast enough to steam Netflix? Thanks
  5. hi there! Does anyone know what nights are “formal night”? Can I bring onboard more can pop/soda from one of our ports? Of our ports can anyone recommend an ATV rental company near port where we can rent it per hour to do our own thing? Is the Capucina Italian restaurant worth the $15 upcharge? To save money and time looking for food are we allowed to bring a few snacks from ship (pizza slices, muffins, sandwiches etc..) during our excursions? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Does the luggage fit under the bed from the side or the base?
  7. Hi there. Does the luggage fit under the bed from the base of the bed or also from the side? And do any of the closets big enough to fit a large carry on luggage? Thanks.
  8. Thanks everyone! I will look for it at lunch time and not expect the greatest quality either. Lol.
  9. Is the chocolate buffet a thing of the past? I have been on two 7 day cruises on the Vista already and have not seen it or perhaps I missed it. Doing a Journey Cruise soon on the Breeze and I hope to see it. Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone for your opinions so far. Perhaps I will see a few of you in a Journey Cruise soon. Cheers!
  11. hi there, I have been on a few 7 and 5 day Carnival Cruises. Can anyone share (non-obvious) pros and cons on taking a Carnival Journey 14 day cruise? Or any tips on taking a longer cruise? Thanks for your time. Cheers!
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