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  1. The cruise I have booked for June 2020 went down $215. If I call to get the lower price, do they cancel the beverage package I purchased and make me purchase again at the now price, or do I get to keep it?
  2. We paid $1200 more for next summer's cruise on the Harmony vs the one we just took on the Allure (both 1st week of June, both Western Caribbean). I feel it has a lot to do with there only being two Oasis class ships next summer, vs three this year. Also, at least for summer cruises, the ones out of Port Canaveral have always been higher than the ones out of Ft Lauderdale or Miami. Also noticed that for the same week, the Symphony is $700 cheaper for almost the same Western route, except it goes to Labadee in stead of CoCo cay. Assumption, CoCo Cay itineraries are more expensive.
  3. Of course you can always price a Disney cruise, then you will think the RCL price is a bargin, lol. I priced a DCL cruise for the same time next June and it was $2500 more than my Harmony cruise.
  4. I agree that I think it has a lot to do with only have 2 Oasis class ships vs 3 in the past. My 2020 June cruise on the Harmony is over $1000 more than my 2018 & 2019 on the Allure. I just keep hoping for a great sale to pop up prior to our PIF date and then I can call to get the lower price applied.
  5. If your cruise goes down in price, do you cancel and get a new reservation, or do they just amend your current one to the lower price? If you have to cancel and re book with a new reservation number, does anything you already purchased (drink and/or dining packages, excursions, etc.) get transferred or do they also have to be cancelled and re-booked? Thank you in advance for any help.
  6. As far as I noticed, all the skates had toe picks. They do not give you jackets, but I was fine in a light long sleeve shirt. You do have to wear long pants and they provide helmets.
  7. Just off the Allure and was a little shocked they charge (I think it was $3) for a dauber. I'm glad I had a highlighter with me. Also, the venue we played in was small, so get there early to get a seat. We didn't win, but the cruise staff did make it fun.
  8. I think most of your questions have been answered, but I will share my experience with MTD. You can make reservations for each night online in advance. I picked 5:30 every night and after the first night asked to have the same table and same servers, which you can do for each night your time is the same. Doing this it was basically the same as early dining, just 15 minutes earlier.
  9. Depends what ship you are on. On the Oasis class ships there are multiple locations to get food and drinks besides the MDR and buffet.
  10. We spoke to a uniformed officer who was at the front of the MDR because our adult son was running late and didnt have time to change so we asked if it was ok for him to wear shorts. He said that technically they can not refuse anyone into the dining room as long as they are wearing some kind of shirt and pants/shorts. This was on the Allure last week, and it was not formal night. Honestly, you are sitting 95% or more of the time and no one will really notice what you have on.
  11. I know, it sucks, I couldn't figure it out. Kept saying the image was too big.
  12. pictures that did not post the first time.
  13. He was new to this sailing as when I asked a few staff members they didn't even know his name. Each is different, some more personable than others.
  14. The four times we have sailed with Disney have been in April, May and December. Each of those were comparable in price with Disney, within $200 difference. But for the summer months, the price was more than double. I could not justify that cost difference, so for us summer cruises will be with RCL. I am looking forward to Disney's two new ships and maybe with those the prices will be more compatible or at least they may switch their ships around where the 3 and 4 nights will be on a different ship.
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