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  1. I did my first solo cruise in January 2018 as a retirement present to myself. I was on the Norwegian Epic and, even though I was in a balcony room and not one of the solo studio rooms, I still went to the gathering in the studio lounge each night. I met some great people and was always with a group for dinners and shows. During the day, when not on excursions, I had breakfast and lunch at the buffet and spent a lot of time sitting on my balcony reading and watching the water, which was perfect for me. What I love most about cruising is that I can do as much or as little as I want.
  2. Has anyone done Blend on Nieuw Statendam? Did you enjoy it? Is it worth the extra cost?
  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments. I will post after my cruise and let everyone know for sure.
  4. I realize this is a long shot because it is about specific cabins on Nieuw Statendam, but I'm hoping someone may have an answer for me. On the deck plans on the HAL website, on deck 7 there is no line separating the balconies for cabins 7144 & 7146. I initially thought that it could simply be a mistake on the graphic, but then I noticed that the line is also missing on deck 8 for cabins 8146 & 8148, which are directly above the other two. This made me wonder if there is something at that spot on the ship that makes it impossible to separate the balconies. This seems like a small thing, but I am going to be in 7144 in June and I really enjoy a private balcony. If anyone has been in or is currently in one of these four room, could you please let me know what the balconies are like? Thanks very much.
  5. Can a single beverage card (not the beverage package) be used for more than one person?
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