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  1. yours appears to be a category 4b stateroom whereas ours is a category 3b but i am not sure what the difference is between each. I think all it may be is that a 3b sleeps 4 and a 4b only sleeps 2. the balconies are no bigger than a standard room, the rooms are slightly bigger.
  2. another update: i still hadn't received an email response so i went back to the online chat again and was told that all category 3b room sizes vary, there is nothing they can do for me other than offer the $50 on board credit or completely cancel the booking. very disappointing but doesn't seem to be much i can do as there are no other rooms available now that sleep 4. apparently they don't know what the price difference is between a standard balcony cabin and a spacious balcony cabin because prices fluctuate daily so they couldn't offer me more than $50.
  3. whoever is responding on twitter has now been "authorised to offer me $50 on board credit."
  4. to update on this i still haven't had a response to my email. I chased up on twitter hoping to get a quicker response and someone replied to me to say that " there are some rooms that are smaller than others within the 3b category" I don't find this to be a satisfactory response and have responded to let them know this and asked for more information.
  5. I have done this and sent it to them attached to my email. I also have a screenshot of the online chat where the customer service advisor states "there is an error on the website showing the wrong cabin details."
  6. this is our first time cruising so have no idea what room sizes normally are for different categories hence why we looked at the website and used their information to help us decide.
  7. i have clarification from an online chat with customer service that the information on the website is incorrect. They said all i can do is email customer services to escalate it which i have done so am waiting on a response back at the moment. but as i think the ship is pretty much full I'm not sure what they can do about it. I don't think a room of that size even exists on the explorer!
  8. I booked cruise recently. At the time we had a choice of booking a standard balcony cabin for less money but upon comparing sizes on the royal caribbean uk website we decided to pay extra and go for a category 3b spacious ocean view balcony room.:- Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area with sofa, full bathroom and private balcony. Stateroom: 272 sq. ft. Balcony: 80 sq. ft. I have since discovered that the information on the website is in fact incorrect and the room we have booked is 179 sq.ft. and the balcony is 42 sq.ft. Am i being picky or would you feel this is false advertising? Had we had the correct information we probably wouldn't have spent the extra money and would have gone for a standard balcony cabin as i don't think the sizes are different enough to warrant the extra cost.
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