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  1. Well.... we can play the game of “whose fault was this” and “can you trust” all day. In the end, doesn’t matter as the basic fact is we have a pandemic and what are we doing and what can we be doing to mitigate it as quickly as possible. if you don’t want to trust the government intel agencies, that’s fine. I feel they have more access to data and more experienced analysts to interpret the info then, say, Fox News or Qanon. You can question pretty much anything, but no other theory has any actual facts supporting it, just suspicions. At the end of the day, all that matters is
  2. I believe this is the issue. The CDC is running ragged trying to manage pandemic issues for 350 million Americans and has little time to spare for a relatively small group of special interest people aka cruisers. Not sure it is reasonable to expect them to drop everything to facilitate, what, 50,000 or 100,000 of us to get to cruise when they are still battling a very active pandemic for the entire nation. I want to cruise as much as the rest of you, but I am understanding of where we fit in the grand scheme. BobJ
  3. Hi Bev, and thanks for the follow up! I did see that this morning, and I’m very pleased. I had booked a backup for the December 5 sailing, but the November 6 sailing fit my oh so tentative plans better. This is a great itinerary for me, two new ports and two favorites, so hoping this sticks. Hope it works out for both of us, if so I hope to cross paths aboard with y’all. Stay safe! BobJ
  4. I booked this sailing yesterday online, called to get a confirmation and the rep couldn’t find it. Trying to access the reservation on site gets a “reservation not available try later message”. And now the sailing has disappeared from the sailings available online. I know that there is a lot of juggling going on, but wondering if anyone else has noticed this particular cruise disappearing? It seems this was to be the first new sailing for the Edge , but now the first listed is November 14. BobJ
  5. I just received my welcome email for out Navigator sailing next week. Her name is Analia Corizzo. bobj
  6. When were you going to be at CocoCay? If soon, it may be that the final construction of the beach club and associated spaces has forced them to move things around and you got caught in it. Just a guess. bobj
  7. I think the question was about the Beach Club pass, around $69 pp. not eh over water floating cabana. bobj
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