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  1. Haven't been successful with this, sadly. Looks like the Cheers offer is not transferable to the 2022 Norway cruise, despite it being the same itinerary and duration as the cancelled Legend cruise.☹️
  2. Our PvP has confirmed the offer can't be applied to the equivalent 2022 cruise to Norway. There are plenty of cruises where it remains valid, but not that one. Same itinerary, same duration, roughly the same price, but no inclusive Cheers. Still, $600 OBC should cover the drinks bill if past cruises are a guide, but I won't sampling every whisky on board now, and my wife won't be trying the full range of flavoured gins...
  3. That's great, thanks. The cruise we are looking it is scheduled for summer 2022 and is the same duration, so we'll try and transfer it.
  4. Have now searched the Carnival offers. The code is still available for loads of cruises, but sadly not the one we were most interested in. We used the code to book the Norway fjords from London (Dover) for July 2021, but it's not available on the same cruise for 2022. As I said above, the $600 obc is not as valuable as the Cheers package for the 9 night cruise, which would cost over $1000. I'll have a word with our PVP to see if she do anything for us.
  5. We used the RU3 code to book a 9-night July cruise on the Legend, which has just been cancelled. I've asked on the cancellations thread, but does anyone know if this offer is transferable to a future booking, or is it lost forever? A $600 OBC would not be the same value.
  6. We had two European Legend cruises booked, one for July (Norway) and one for October (Mediterranean). Both have just been cancelled. A couple of questions about the OBC offer. 1. The July cruise was booked with the discounted Cheers package included. Anyone know if this will be transferable to a new booking? 2. The October cruise included $600 OBC given for a cancelled summer 2020 cruise. Will any additional OBC be credited if we book a future cruise?
  7. We got the RU3 code. We aren't huge drinkers and the only drinks package we've ever bought was a discounted wine deal once on board. The code wasn't valid on our 11-night Med cruise in October, but it was available on a 9-night Norwegian fjords cruise in July. That was priced at $1220 (+ £171 taxes) for a balcony without the code, and $1450 (+ taxes) with the 'free' Cheers package. Apparently, the Cheers price for the cruise without the code would have been some $550pp, according to our PvP. So in reality it's not a giveaway, but is a significant discount - probably more significant
  8. We were booked on the QE on the June 4th cruise, and got our cancellation email yesterday. We did look at rebooking an alternative but have now requested a refund of our deposits. I hadn't considered the problem the cruise lines may face in getting their crews vaccinated. Hopefully that can be resolved.
  9. Back to back on the Sunrise out of NYC in Sept 19. The first week was a cruise to nowhere - well, Charleston - as we couldn't make it to Bermuda due to a hurricane. The second went to Halifax, St John and New England. Two very different experiences, but we loved every minute. We had a very generous 100% FCC for week one, which we spent on a European cruise from Venice for this September. Sadly this has been cancelled, and we've now booked another Europe cruise on the Legend from Rome to Athens in October 2021.
  10. Just had the email cancelling our September cruise on the Legend from Venice to Barcelona, which is over 5 months away. All our flights and hotels were booked independently and are non-refundable, and I bet our travel insurance has small print referring to pandemics (but I haven't checked yet). Ah well - what the world is going through makes this a very minor inconvenience. Stay safe everyone!!!!
  11. After many cruises - mainly with Carnival but also RCCL - we finally got to experience Cunard on the QV last month. It was just a short cruise from Southampton to Hamburg, but it was a nice taster. The ship was beautiful and the cruise did not disappoint in any way. It was nice to be on a ship that wasn't dominated by the casino. The ship has an elegance and atmosphere that is totally different to Carnival and RCCL. The food was excellent but I would not say it was on a different level to Carnival and RCCL. Drinks prices were in line with those cruise lines. The service wa
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