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  1. Hello, cruising to San Juan next week with 2 grand kids 9 and 11. Was wondering how safe is it or should we stay on ship. For people who have just been there what did cruise ship say stay on board or did cruise ship say. Can you tell me after getting off ship was there more police presence around port. Did you feel safe, Any info would be helpful. Thank You
  2. Hello will be cruising very soon . We have return flight at 1:15 pm out of YVR , Holland ship arrives at 7:00 am plan on self disembarking, as soon as we can . If cab lines are to long plan on taking Sky Train . Can someone tell me how and where to go to catch the correct Train ramp to get to the airport , Where do i walk as soon as i come out of the port. Any info will be helpful . We have Global Entry will this be helpful. For all that reply, Thank You
  3. Hello Dave OKC can you tell me where you found this on the Hal site . Thank You
  4. Hello , Sailing to Alaska June 26 I booked the Mount Roberts Tramway . but have notice some people say sometimes it gets to foggy to see anything , If its gets to foggy while i be able to get a refund when i get back to the ship . Thanks for you help
  5. Hello , This is first 3 day cruise First time out of Miami , what’s the earliest check in time for Victory , also is there Elegant Night on this 3 day cruise , also could someone tell me where I might find the Dining Menu for this cruise , Thank You so Much
  6. Location of Launderettes on Dream Deck 2 - across from 2375 Deck 7 - across from 7347 Deck 10 - across from 10265 Location of Ironing rooms Deck 1- across from 1411 Deck 6 - across from 6382 Deck - 8 across from 8395 Deck - 9 across from 9403 hope this helps
  7. Hello has anyone used Cancun Discount to book tours or trip while in Cozumel, the web site books tours and trips all over Mexico. I am interested in the Playa Mia trip it shows a price that is 20 dollars cheaper, than the Playa Mia web site. I would like to know of an one experience using this company. Thank you
  8. Pasta Bella is free every day for lunch , you only pay a charge at dinner . Enjoy
  9. Hello I have an EDL , and it does NOT have an American Flag on it , in the State of Arkansas EDL has a White Star circled by yellow to identify EDL so no they don’t have to have a flag , and it’s more than 5 States that have EDL
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