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  1. I'm the same. Just noticed it wants an address but every time I try to input it I'm getting an error message. Are all of you saying your details are correct sure that next of kin address requirement hasn't suddenly appeared?.
  2. We had this guy on a cruise last year and I found all the information he gave about the Kennedy shooting convincing, I would say after hearing it I was quite sure it happened as he said. I'm just surprised, given the detail of this information, it has only seemed to warrant a Discovery programme---I would have thought it would be front page news around the world.
  3. We came back on Ventura from a 35 nighter in March so you can imagine the luggage on that. Chaos doesn't describe it, it was shameful that P&O allowed it to happen and I'm surprised there were not people hurt in the crush in the luggage hall.
  4. P&O email today says Winter 2022 goes on sale the same time as Summer 2021, in October.
  5. Thanks folks. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something.
  6. I'm booked on Ventura N103 in February 2021. I booked it as a 35 night cruise to the Caribbean and back, however I've just been looking at the new P&O website and this cruise is listed as going to the USA and Caribbean. I thought perhaps I'd missed that one of the islands was a US port but I've checked again and I'm sure none of them are. Could someone take a look and confirm that I'm not going mad and that there are no US ports on this cruise.
  7. We are considering booking the Arcadia World Cruise in 2021 that is just about to go on sale. I'd appreciate any advice regarding best balconies, ones to avoid, best deck, port or starboard, in fact any info on Arcadia balconies that will help us choose. Many thanks.
  8. Could be, we will never know.
  9. You were spot on. Walked past today and price is back down to £7.50pp for the same menu. Only difference is yesterday was a sea day and today is a port day. So, fluid pricing.
  10. Currently three weeks into 35 nighter on Ventura. During first week we had a meal in Beach House and it was £7.50pp. Passed there last night and noticed that the price outside now shows as £10pp for same menu so I presume this is a price rise mid-cruise. No mention of the change in the daily Horizon. Epicurean was £28 at the beginning and todays Horizon still says £28 so no change there, don't know about Sindhu.
  11. One of the benefits Cunard promote for those who do the complete world cruise is an exclusive lounge. Can anyone who has done the WC say what the lounge is like, when is it open, what is available in it. In short, is it any good.Thanks
  12. I looked at several cruises yesterday and they had all reverted to high select prices. Today they are all back on the much lower saver prices. Either a computer blip or an effort by P&O to make a bit of extra money over the weekend.
  13. Just got back from the Sapphire and I share your pain. I know people talk about roomservice/buffet/IC but all I want is to make a cup of tea when I wake up, not at a pre-determined time for room service, and then sit in bed with it watching Sky news.
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