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  1. I second the train. Via Rail has several trains a day between Quebec City and Montreal. Quebec City is more picturesque IMHO.
  2. I was not very specific in my question. I was enquiring about the pre or post cruise tours that are 5 or 6 days offered through the cruise line - Cruise tour, is probably the better terminology. Anyone know about how fast these book up?
  3. Do the cruise line cruise tours to Macchu Picchu book up fast? CJPJ
  4. Our first ever cruise was on the Golden - the 2006 12 day Mediterranean that included Egypt. It was a wonderful cruise and hooked us. We have cruised on the Golden a number of times, Mexico and Hawaii that I can remember without looking up past cruises. Cindy
  5. Thanks to all who replied. I did get a cheque about 4 weeks post cruise. Cindy
  6. Great. I left the Diamond on the 20th and had a big credit. Been waiting. Was told it would go to the credit card on file. If it's a cheque, I'm happy.
  7. Humm, we've t aken suite upgrades several times over the years and I always thought you didn't get the extra credit for this from something in the upgrade offer, so I never asked.
  8. To me it is about what is directly above and below you. We've had midship suites with the pool deck above - never again. Stuff rolling back and forth early in the morning and late at night. I personally prefer the afts.
  9. Yes, you will see all flight details.
  10. Make sure it is not an adjoining cabin. We had an inside adjoining cabin and heard a lot of noise from out neighbors. Also, make sure it is not a cabin that sleeps 3 or 4 with the bunks that drop from the side of the wall (okay if you have twin bed setup). With queen set up it took me 3 or 4 days to learn not to bang my head.
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