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  1. Does Princess have a drink like smoothies included in the package? Looking for a beverage to put my fibre in.
  2. My nephews 7 and 9 and my grandson 4 are all kids that are not into that type of thing. They didn't want to go to the kids clubs. But being loving parents, aunt and uncles and grandparents we signed 'em up and dropped 'em off. They all loved it! Due to different age groups they were not together (Princess is very strict on that). But all of them loved it. Couldn't keep them away!
  3. There are home tests available in Ontario. I was just looking at them. Google "home covid tests Onatrio". But the were over 150 a piece - forget the exact price. Shoppers Derug Mart offers a 40 dollar antigen test in many provinces.
  4. Sailing from UK, so that won't work. But good idea if sailing from a US port!
  5. I have exactly the same issue. I've deleted the app and downloaded again. Didn't fix it. I'm not going to worry about it. But I will keep trying. BTW my husband has the same experience on his phone regarding ordering the Medallions. I have to pick up at the port anyway.
  6. Something is going on with two transatlantic cruises in Nov.- Sky and Regal. The Regal has cancelled the cruise falling the transatlantic which is a 3 or 4 day cruise and the Sky has their transatlantic cruise shorted by 2 days. Sounds like something is causing them not to sail for a couple days after the TA. New CDC Rules? Big CDC inspection? Anyone have ideas or even the REAL reason?
  7. Sorry not elite but the package with drinks, wifi and gratuity.
  8. I had both my flights changed after 45 days by calling them. No extra charge. Be nice. The person I was talking with didn't seem willing to be so helpful until I heard a dog bark in the background and I started a conversation about the trials and tribulations of working from home. I would never stay on hold that long. Something went wrong. I know I have problems working from home getting my calls routed to me and I'm sure they do too.
  9. Agree 100%. Domestic flights no savings, but you cannot beat the international flight prices - especially if you book early. For business class they are over 50% less.
  10. I called my PVP... it was one of the options on the recording. I wanted to do it through my PVP but she was on the phone and somehow it went to a it reservations. I was going to hang up, but they answered right away so I gave it a shot.
  11. Yes I recently changed my airfare and on the website I was getting a 900 change fee. I phoned air reservations and had them do it for nothing. I don't know what that's all about, as, like you, my airfare price had changed very little.
  12. I don't want to be on two devices at once. I'm Elite and we get free wifi for each person. I thought you could only register one device per person. So if I wanted to use my phone most of the time, that is what I'd register. But if I needed to do work (yes, I know it's a vacation), I didn't realize I could log off my phone and onto my laptop. If I have that right.
  13. Thanks to everyone for their response. So, one thing I didn't know, is that Princess assigns you a login and you can use that one login on multiple devices - just not at the same time. Do I have that right? If that's the case I don't need to use a hot spot. But now I'm curious. Have to see how @dwhe testing goes.
  14. With the Medallion only allowing you one device with free internet, does anyone know if I can use my phone as a hot spot for my laptop? Would I be able to do something like a Teams or Webex meeting with the hit spot?
  15. Just updated. Want to do a UK to Florida transatlantic? Mix doses acceptable. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/uk-southampton-cruises/
  16. The second time we went through the locks we did the sanctuary. They charge more on canal day, but the do it up nice. They open early, have mimosas and food, pictures and other special goodies. You can still walk around the ship or leave sanctuary is you want a different view. I have to say the new locks were not as spectacular as the old. And once you have gone through one lock it is the same. One of the places I found most interesting going through the locks was the coffee bar place (name has just escaped me), but the windows there were covered in water during certain phases. So it depends on what you think you will enjoy most.
  17. I'm looking for some guidance in covid testing in Southhampton for the 2 day covid test. Not knowing the area, I would like to book a cheap test in Southhampton but I find the gov.uk website not all that helpful. I'm staying at the Holiday Inn near the port if anyone can help. As a backup plan if no one has any suggestions, I will book a test from the gov.uk website that I'll have mailed to the hotel. Looking for a cheap test as all the covid testing required for travel for 2 is adding 300 to 500 to the travel budget.
  18. Neither myself or DH can get that medallion step. Is there a trick that I'm missing?
  19. Good to know not everyone has problems. Both my husband and I work in IT and we were frustrated to no end. I downloaded and worked with it first; he did his about a month later. Between the two of us, we have everything done now except the Medallions (probably because we have to pick up at the port, it won't let either of us finalize that step) and the steps that are too early - health screen, arrivals-departure groups.
  20. Being double vaxed goes without saying. IMHO.
  21. I don't know if it would not need to be quarantine if it sailed with only crew. That would be a interesting take. As far as non-US citizens on board being in Schengen areas, that's the passengers problem - not Princess. Most of the passengers are Americans. My husband is a US citizen, so I'm excempt. Guess Princess might do some calculations on which is cheaper to cancel TA or the Caribbean cruises that follow. OK now you have me wondering/worried. If the rules don't change - one of us will be missing out!
  22. Canadians no longer harve to Quarantine in UK - just test now, same as American residents.
  23. Not a chance IMHO. Those ships need to get to NA for the winter cruise season. It will be the cruises AFTER that will be cancelled.
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