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  1. Harmony has an eastern Caribbean for Valentine's day 2021. . .
  2. Yay!!! Another John and Laura review. . .almost as good as being there myself. Almost. Have a wonderful trip!
  3. On Harmony, they recently added an early traditional dining time in the American Icon dining room (which is the MTD room) which has pushed the start of MTD to 630. This has caused MAJOR issues on recent cruises because people who made MTD reservations months ago are now being pushed back. Hopefully it resolves itself soon.
  4. The headliner show was Mo5aic, an acapella group that was amazing!
  5. We were on Harmony a few weeks ago, and they raffled off 2 or 3 bottles of wine, backpacks, and certificates for movies on demand. Our first M&M. It was a lot of fun!
  6. Yep. Go up to go down or vice versa. We were also on this sailing. My son and two of his friends had the drink package and got their money's worth. They hung out in the casino bar nightly, tipped the bartenders the first night, and have absolutely no complaints about any drinks they got. And they got EVERYTHING! Just not all at once. I enjoyed a tequila shot with them one evening, and it was waaaay more than a shot. . .more like 3. The chocolate martini was a favorite for one of the boys. Amaretto sour (I know, chick drink) was a nightly drink. I was just told that every martini they tried was delicious. Really enjoyed this sailing except for the first night in the MDR. We had MTD, and a month or so ago, they decided to add another early seating in the American Icon Dining room, pushing those of us with MTD reservations to later times. This was an absolute cluster. We have never had a problem showing up at our time and being seated. There were at least 50 to 60 people blocking the entrance to the dining room every night. Our first dinner, our wait staff completely forgot about us. . .leaving us sitting for 30 minutes between clearing our plates and delivering the next course. We finally left without dessert and said something at the door. The next night, we were seated in a new station with probably the best team we have EVER had. Donald, Ijero, and Head Waiter Stefan were amazing. I think they were concerned when we were first moved to their station, and I'm sure we are on some kind of list, but honestly, we NEVER complain about anything. EVER. And we were fairly calm this time. . .just terribly disappointed in our first dining experience on Harmony. Every other night was a dream.
  7. Thanks. Some of us can't get down onto the loungers. . .well, we can. We just can't get back up. 😋
  8. We've been on several cruises but for the life of me, I can't remember if there is seating at the pool areas other than loungers. Are there any "regular" seats?
  9. We regularly stay in a boardwalk balcony (on Oasis twice and Harmony coming up in Sept) with my BF and my adult son. Plenty of room and closet space. My son says the fold-out couch is fine.
  10. This is great! I've been following John and Laura for the past couple of weeks. Now, it's time for a new Andrew review. When you get back, it'll only be 21 days until we board Harmony! Thanks for making the time fly!
  11. Thanks for the review. Building the anticipation for our Harmony cruise next month!
  12. Following. On Harmony in Sept and trying to soak up as much info as possible beforehand. Have a wonderful cruise!
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