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  1. Money buys everything. As Até suggests, if you pay, you will obtain.
  2. You or your TA need to call, but it’s very easy. Your ticket will be reissued, with an additional voucher indicating the prepayment.
  3. I have done so prior to the first gala evening on each YC cruise. Just remember it's preferable (as a courtesy to the butler) to give your shoes the day before.
  4. Eat, drink an be merry. Enjoy the perks that are specific to YC, such as the Top Sail Lounge, One Pool, access to the thermal area of the spa. Preferred and escorted exits on port days are swell. We are also relatively low maintenance, so shoe shine, laundry, and a caffé latte in the morning are pretty much it for us.
  5. Indeed. On an 11-nighter, you can expect 2 gala, one white and one Italian. Not the full gamut that Ready2Cruise has experienced on a lengthy cruise. on our recent 21-day TA, we had 4 gala nights, 1 white, 1 Italian and 1 tropical. Thanks BossaNova, for keeping the table warm. We were there several times 😀
  6. For my part, I find that YC is good value for money but in no way cheap. While we are in neither vagrants nor homeless, choosing YC over lesser accommodations means other stuff is set aside in the budget. Pet food, for example, is now shared between the dogs and us, and water is rationed. We look forward to our next YC cruise for our next full meal. 😜
  7. No. All you really need are the forms that indicate that they must be presented at embarkation. Those forms are at the very top of your ticket, just after the welcome letter. it is wise to print the luggage tags (at the very end of your ticket), as they indicated your cabin number and you won’t need to waste time at the dock when you drop you bags. It’s a good idea to have a hard copy of the sheets detailing any extra services you may have purchased, such as internet or massages. Just in case you need to argue with customer service that you did purchase something. I find it easier to print those forms rather than have to show them on iPad or print at the Cyber café on board, but I must confess that I have never needed to document any claim with customer service. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Yes, MSC system recognizes devices, but not their actual type. If you purchase a 1 device package and connect a phone, then that will be the device connected to the package. MSC packages are not unlimited. They are based on data quantity, not time. We have sailed on MSC 5 times. Generally, connection speed was acceptable, not remarkable. However, on our most recent sailing, I had images of a wounded snail, hooked on Valium. That bad. I was unable - not unwilling - to use the data that I purchased.
  9. 15 Aft, as Preziosa points out, is a great spot. However, it is crowded. Here is a little secret: Le Prue solarium. Deck 16, aft. Never crowded, very sunny, and with a nice breeze but not so windy because it is facing aft. It's free. The only drawback is that you have to fetch your drink. The closest bar is Garden Bar, deck 15, just under that solarium. There is a stair from the solarium, right to the Garden Bar. How good is that? https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans/MSC-Divina-549/deck16-158
  10. I have such a number. It looks terribly like the expiration date of my VC account. The numbers, in may case 27-11-2022 correspond to 3 years after our most recent cruise.
  11. I agree with Hank that it’s the service that makes the YC different. On our recent (November 5 to 25, 2019) cruise, I felt that being in YC 3 weeks made it even better than what we experienced before. it took only a few days for the butlers, as a whole team, to figure out our habits and tend to meet our « needs » from their own volition. For example, being an early riser, I wandered into the TSL around 6AM and be greeted by name, then a latte would arrive... and a second one at the right moment. And then the champagne just in time for breakfast. on another occasion, the head butler caught up to me to carry DW’s latte from the TSL to the cabin. Now, I’m 48 and in great shape, so I don’t need help to carry a cup of latte, but that just shows the level of service in YC. Other example. Upon returning to MSC Divina in San Juan. That was the first US port of call on our TA cruise. It was mayhem at the terminal, due to the US friendly attentions. A YC butler was running around eagerly, rounding up YC guests and shoving us to a convenient door of the terminal, near the front of the ship. At least an hour of queueing saved. Small attention, but really appreciated. A last on one? Mr. Pradeep telling DW he knows her tastes of cocktails 🍸 and taking it upon himself to get one that was spot-on, along with slices of fruit. We enjoyed 20 days of this, and really look forward to going back. And yes, the food at Le Muse is quite good. I must say that I also found it to be as good on our 2 previous YC experiences.
  12. DW badly twisted an ankle during an outing in port. I asked our attendant for ice, and he brought a huge bag of it. That was nice. Even nicer was that he brought new bags every hour or so until dinner time. He asked how DW felt and whether she would like more after dinner.
  13. There is no happy hour per se, but there is a drink of the day that is slightly discounted, each day.
  14. I know OP is consistency bashing MSC for any reason he may have experienced or imagined. Yet, on this one I think he's right. Even while cruising the Baltic Sea (2018), an all-Europe cruise, I booked a future cruise on board, with MSC USA. That gave me the usual US reduced deposit, and all payments were processed is USD, from the US. The cruise I so booked was a TA (2019), originating in Europe. What was is Euros were on board purchases such as excursions and stuff from the shops, but that was clear in the contract. OP can bash away at MSC, and I won't participate in such posts, but when the person is right (IMO)...
  15. I got similar information from my TA. My TA wrote of a 2 month charter, September and October 2021. We booked a 16-night sailing, from 23 October 2021. This has been postponed to 2 November. From my reading of cruises aggregated on the Cruisebe app, a few sailings may be affected by this charter.
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