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  1. You should certainly not be rushed in the dining room, unless you want to. I found that service was a bit fast as well. Be Canadian, we kind of look and sound American to some staff. However, a quick chat with the Maître d’ does the trick. I also took care to greeting him in either Italian or French to remind our preference for more European/French service. There! Dinner is now a 2-hour affair, just as we like.
  2. If need be, you can ask that your minibar be refreshed more than once daily. You can also request your butler to restock with your favourite drinks or snacks.
  3. I will be Following your thread, Camilla, as I am also thinking about a cruise on this ship. My grandparents sailed on it about 40 years ago, when it was named the Alexander Pushkin.
  4. Yes, these two ships are in the same class with MSC. They are identical ships in their class, initially Mistral, that was renamed Lirica, as MSC Sinfonia and MSC Armonia (Hope I’m right, else all hell will break loose on me!).So 4 sister ships in Lirica class. Very nice ships, as the maintenance is outstanding. Because they are older ships, they feel more quaint and the costs are lighter. MSC Fantasia was the first of 4 ships in that (Fantasia) class. Much bigger than Lirica Class, and the first to have Yacht club. 3 other ships in that class: MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina and MSC Splendida. Our first cruise, on Sinfonia, got us hooked on cruising and on MSC. Now: Fantastica is a class of EXPERIENCE on MSC. Experiences on MSC range: Bella< Fantastica < Aurea < Yacht Club. $ and amenities vary by experience.
  5. Bea and CF : is your sailing the one with a port call in Quebec? I live only 200M from there and would be happy to meet you, and drive you around. DW and I have lived in Quebec a few years. What’s your fancy?
  6. Yes, and Bea is appreciated for her humane and insightful comments. That’s why we feel for her and Mr Bea. Just reading her comments, you know that she is a good person, that you would like to meet on any cruise.
  7. Sending you and Mr Bea lots of positive vibes from across the pond 🥰
  8. Cool. DW will turn 50 while on Divina in November. Curious to see if anything will happen, either in YC or elsewhere outside the enclave. 🎉
  9. Is there a significant difference between YC drinks since the November 2018 change? In other words, should I prepare detailed pleadings and arguments for my next cruise in YC, that was booked prior to the Great Drink Divide?
  10. As Emma’s Gran points out, the inclusion of DSC in the cruise fare is a UK thing recently put in place. On you upcoming sailing (can’t wait either), a daily charge will be added to you cruise account the charge will be 10€ pppd. You can find this information on this page of MSC USA’s web site, under the heading “service charge”. The charge is indicated in the first chart, first line, at the column on the right. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Manage-Your-Booking/General-Information.aspx As you will read on the same page, MSC does not recommend tipping any more that what is charged to your account. However, that is a whole topic that stirs passions in this forum, so I will not touch this topic with a 10-foot pole.
  11. Hi Djett, You are literally surrounded by restaurants when you reside at the St-Sulpice. I do not refer restaurants I have not been to, so my suggestions are really personal. Perhaps you might consider the following, that I have enjoyed. From your hotel, turn left at St-Paul. At the corner of St-Laurent and St-Paul Streets, you will find Modavie (French bistro) on one side and Escondite (splendid and unusual tacos). From your hotel, turn right at St-Paul. On the left (i.e. the side towards the dock), you will find: Stash, at the corner of St-François-Xavier (3 blocks away). Delicious Polish food, inexpensive. Gandhi, at the corner of St-Nicolas (4 blocks). Nice Indian with excellent service. It's on OpenTable for reservations. On McGill, right turn from St-Paul (407 McGill - 10 minute walk) : Restaurant Holder. Trendy French bistro. Depending on your schedule, you might consider lunch, even on week-ends. More affordable and slightly quieter. Again on McGill but left from St-Paul (438 McGill - 10 minute walk): Restaurant Helena. An excellent Portuguese restaurant. A good deal for lunch, slightly pricey for dinner. If Restaurant Helena tickles your fancy, you might consider Portus 360. Belongs to the same chef, and is atop a high-rise building at 777 Robert-Bourassa (15 minute walk from your hotel). It's a revolving restaurant with, obviously, outstanding views upon the city, Reasonably priced lunches Enjoy your stay in Montréal! Patrick
  12. Great! Looking forward to reading your posts. Have great time. No wine yet for me - I’m at Court in an hour. Patrick
  13. My favorite addresses in Quebec are business related, but close to the docks. I have enjoyed the following hotels in recent times and recommend: Hotel 71 $$$ to $$$$ depending on season. Views and a step from ship Auberge St-Antoine (this is a Relais & Châteaux) $$$ for rooms $$$$ for restaurant. Nearest to ship (across the street) Dominion 1912 by Alt $$$$ Romantic (walk from the ship) Hotel Pur (by Wyndham) $$$. Modern, sleek (15 min walk from ship) Manoir Victoria (upper town) $$ Nice location, in the action (taxi) Palace Royal (by hotels Jaro, upper town) - if not a family, ask for an outside suite.$$. spacious rooms, especially the adapted rooms, if available. (Taxi)
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