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  1. I have a TA in a couple of weeks, that was booked through MSC USA, before the Canadian office opened. It did take a while for excursions to show up. I booked in September 2018, and it does seem the excursions appeared around the time I paid in full. Could be a coincidence. Hope this helps.
  2. The restaurant is on deck 15. So you can simply step out of YC and walk outside. On port side as there is only 1 door to get back inside at the aft of the ship, being port just behind the bar.
  3. We’ve sailed Fantastica balcony on MSC Sinfonia. What I saw on YouTube of YIN cabin looks like a very similar setup. Granted, there is much less closet space than in other YC cabins, but still very manageable. As posted above, YC experience is really the clincher. Indeed a no-brainer, IMO.
  4. Hi Maddy, You might be able to embark a bit early, but not very much. on Sunday 3 November, Divina is expected to dock at 13:00. So, you could probably embark by 15:00 or so, but your cabin might not be ready. Even if your cabin is not ready, you can still go to the pool or explore the ship. Should you be in YC, you can embark at the very first moment embarkation begins. The Top Sail Lounge and One Pool will charm you until your cabin is ready. Are you doing a 3-day cruise, or hopping on for the transatlantic? We are embarking in Genoa on 5 November 😀
  5. For my part, I bring the tuxedo, and DW the evening gowns. We are not out of place, but not the certainly not the norm. I feel it tends to be a bit more dressy in the YC than outside it.
  6. Bea! Just 4 days to your next sailing. Meraviglia called in Québec city today, which made the news (sorry, it’s in French) https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2019/10/14/un-titan-des-mers-accoste-a-quebec
  7. Good idea, Colleen. I hope I can be of assistance to CC members. Love, from YUL / CA MTR. Patrick
  8. Great time of year. Early spring. Great colors and nice flowering odors. You really cannot go wrong with any of MSC’s med itineraries, especially if it’s your first time. find your cruise, then plan, plan and plan. Days are short and things to see or do are plentiful. Decide as to walk, tour, eat, shop, etc. The planning for a Med cruise is a huge part of the fun!
  9. I don’t recall from personal experience either. We only went there twice, and that’s 3 years ago. Patrick Sorry OP for temporarily hijacking your great thread. Looking forward to returning to MSC Divina in about 3 weeks 😍
  10. I have seen a comment by Sidari on another thread indicating that Top 18 is not child free. In my recollection, there is only one outdoor lounging area that is child free. I think it is the Garden Pool, deck 15 aft, where the infinity pool is..
  11. The Top 18 Solarium is not exclusive to YC. It is included fo Aurea guests, and an extra for anyone else - although I don’t know if there is an extra cost for YC patrons, as I have not been to the solarium when traveling YC. There is really no reason for a YC club guest to go there. The exclusive YC area on deck 18 is much better with its dedicated bar, grill, ample chairs and the One Pool. Not to mention more attentive butler service, and the private elevator from there to your deck in YC. Lastly, the “bar” at the Top 18 Solarium is merely a cart with a few offerings. Nowhere near as extensive as any other baron board, and certainly not on par with YC on deck 18.
  12. Just hoping to lead a class, and i anticipate that I will be barred by insurance issues
  13. Does anyone know who is currently the hotel manager on MSC Divina? We will be on a TA from Genoa on 5 November, to Miami. I am a Spinning instructor and would like to lead a class or twelve during the sailing, and thus am eager to pitch this to the hotel manager. I have not traced him/her on the net. TIA P.
  14. You’re totally right TFFTS, but let’s be nice to PerakCruiser. Perhaps our friend is not entirely familiar with YC and the offering throughout MSC’s fleet. For my part, I have only been on Fantasia class ships, and it took while to catch that YC is not on all ships.
  15. Both Meraviglia and Seaside were launched in 2017.
  16. The incentives are essentially OBC, a minuscule deposit and double Voyagers Club points. As for discounts, a bit of research is useful. Our next cruise was booked on board, and I looked up the price on my iPad before meeting the Future Cruises rep. Turns out the price I got on the MSC site was a bit lower than what the rep proposed. So I asked and obtained the lower price.
  17. The YC restaurant is at the rear of deck 15 of ships in the Fantasia class (Fantasia, Divina, Preziosa and Splendida). The rest of the YC facilities are at the front of those ships, on decks 15 and 16. There are a few YC family suites at the very front on deck 12. In other ships with YC, as Marcoigna wrote, all of the YC is in front.
  18. I lived in Québec City for a couple of years, and regularly attend for business. Your pictures and comments are a pure delight. Very representative of the city's beauty and charm, Your entire review is excellent.
  19. Forgetting to link to other cabin occupant's Cruise Card to the account also results in a cute attention grabber when one goes to disembark. One gets to be directed to go to the cashiers, loudly, in front of the other 24000 guests waiting their turn to get off the ship. Lovely.
  20. NF is indeed available in TSL even if it is not on the menu. On Preziosa last year we asked for NF at the restaurant. They did not have any but our waiter went to a bar to fetch a bottle. From then on, they had a bottle of NF every evening waiting for us. Nice!
  21. We will have 4 on a repositioning leaving from Genoa on 5 November. 21 nights.
  22. You.might wish to consider the S to Hamburg Hbf. MSC usually operates a shuttle for its guests from there. I believe that shuttle is free. The S is direct from the airport to the Hbf.
  23. Sailing YC there is no point in dressing up for Italian night, as there is nothing different for guests at Le Muse. Sure, the Maître d’ dresses in the appropriate colors, but contrary to the MDR, Le Muse waiters will not scamper out of the kitchen with flaming tiramisu cakes. Some people dress up for white night, but again dressing up for that theme makes real sense only if one plans on attending the party. I found that guest at Le Muse tend to be a bit more formally dressed on formal night. Yet, smart causal is not out of place. Enjoy your cruise. Patrick
  24. We have sailed both Presioza and Divina in YC. For all intents and purposes, the trek to the restaurant is the same. There are several ways to do it. By the outdoor route, you can avoid most of the smoke of the bar (“garden pool bar on Divina, if I recall) by walking along starboard, around Le Muse (Divina) amongst the loungers, then back in. Otherwise, the easiest is down to deck 13, to the last set of stairs and back up to 15, or decks 6 and 7 but then you have to negotiate the twists and turns of bars and shops, not to mention photographers. Deck 14 is possible, but you are then walking through both buffet areas and have to deal with 1/2 a million people walking around.
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