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  1. I forgot to say, my PCC said Prima goes on general sale from 9am Eastern Time. 🙂
  2. I've not seen anything yet. I used the deck plans we have and he told me the cabin number I was looking at. I'm on the 10 day, Sept 7, 2023. They are using the same blank deck plans until tomorrow. I also wanted a 2022 sailing, (Caribbean) but couldnt make the dates work. Chose the studio as it won't be warm weather. If Caribbean I would have a balcony. He also mentioned there will be food carts, not sure why, along with saying about the 2 infinity pools.
  3. No, this was just a Studio. I dread to think what the cost of a balcony would be, but he said I was saving almost half. £2.5k is a pricey Studio! Also, he could not confirm or deny a Spice H20 until full details come out tomorrow. Didn't sound hopeful, but you never know.
  4. That's me all booked for September 2023. Love my PCC for calling 20 hours early, but ouch, that was expensive!
  5. Apologies, my mistake. The 'fans' bit was obscured and it looked like the official page. The UK website also has the current offer countdown ending in 2 days so no additional clues there either.
  6. This was apparently posted an hour ago. Narrows it down...
  7. No, I hoped there would be something new/different on the upper decks of this new class of ship. Clearly too much of a money spinner for them to let go of, just yet.
  8. Well hallelujah.. There will now be a few days gap between the fanfare of ship naming/itineraries before they go on general sale in May. Panic over! 🙂
  9. I requested a change to the thread title as it had evolved. Fill your boots! Thanks Jenn @CCHelp Andy 🙂
  10. My PCC said they have deliberately delayed the big Leo1/Prima fanfare to distance it from the recent cancellations/phased return/SailSAFE announcement. Odd to throw the info out on one day for people to scrabble around, but that was the comment I was given. Let's hope when the detail comes on Wednesday, there is a fair bit of it and we're not drip fed little bits across several days/weeks/months!
  11. I think this is just what NCL needs after an unprecedented amount of downtime and uncertainty. I know lots of us are excited to get booked on this new class of ship. I certainly am!
  12. I've requested my PCC put a hold on a balcony/solo balcony, (if they exist) before I speak to him on Wednesday at 5:30pm UK/12:30 ET. I NEED to get on this itinerary! I know it may change but it looks so inviting! Thanks so much for posting the full details. Many thanks also, @FreestyleNovice for starting the thread. I've been following along since the Bliss thread, and went back to enjoy the Escape one. @Steff79, your info has always got me excited too. You guys are awesome! Andy 🙂
  13. It's taken a LOT of searching through threads, but I have something... For those asking about room service menus. They vary by sailing region so the attached from pic 2 onwards is for the US region. I've not been able to find anything for the Euro region, but will post if I find it. Fantastica experience guests get free room service delivery between 6am and 11pm, but be aware this can also vary by region. Hopefully this gives you a better idea, but don't take this as exhaustive. Andy 🙂
  14. Anything on the 'door hanger' is included for room service breakfast. As for the other items, there should be info, but I cant put my hand to it atm. If I find it, I will post. I know the door hanger menu was posted somewhere but cant find it right now. Andy 🙂
  15. I won't be upgrading. I called them for you. It's a temporary All Inclusive offer for the UK sailings only, so as @hamragsays, speak to them. It will be 'Premium' and that's the most important thing. I'm not overly surprised the system doesn't recognise you are entitled to 'Premium' as it's built to recognise 'Easy' when Aurea is selected. Thanks Andy 🙂
  16. Finally got a response from MSC, after speaking to them this afternoon and chasing at 17:30 for my email.... "Good afternoon Thank you for contacting MSC Cruises. Regarding upgrade to the Aurea experience I can confirm your upgrade to the Aurea balcony will be inclusive of your complimentary Premium drinks. The paperwork may reflect as "AUREA EXPERIENCE UPGRADE", which is the complimentary drinks upgrade to the premium."
  17. I booked Bella at midnight on the day they went on sale and got Premium. It can't have been listed for more than minutes if it was changed. Andy 🙂
  18. It will all come good. You are entitled to it, even on Bella. 🙂
  19. I've spoken to MSC on your behalf as I was horrified at what you were told. I said I was considering the upgrade to Aurea myself, (I'm not). The lady I spoke to was very surprised and said the confusion is purely down to the Easy Drinks package which comes as standard with Aurea. The current All Inclusive sailings superceed this and you will definitely have Premium. As soon as I receive the email confirming this, I will post it here. Hope this helps. Andy 🙂
  20. Come join us... 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2776461-july-17-2021-southampton/
  21. I would be interested to hear from others who have booked Aurea from the start, to see which drink package is showing. Andy 🙂
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