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  1. Thanks for all the responses.
  2. Sorry. I meant the year. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the detailed response. Much appreciated. I am looking at 2022 so should still be available.
  4. Hi! Looking for suggestions for porthole cabins on Carnival Valor. Have you stayed in one and were there any issues? Cabin # would be great. Thanks!
  5. I will also be on her in February and I can't wait! First time on Carnival.
  6. I like to book at least 18 months ahead because the prices are usually better and cabin selection.
  7. We are doing Magic southern out of ft Lauderdale in February. 8 days.
  8. I believe that with their massive profits, the companies should ethically pay the employees more. However, I would never remove gratuities for those hard working people. They shouldn't suffer for the cruise lines' greed.
  9. I have been to st maarten and San Juan and loved them both. Going to the southern Caribbean in February on magic and very excited. I really like leaving out of ft. Lauderdale. I think both options sound fantastic.
  10. It's your vacation. Do what you enjoy. I have a couple of games I like to play. I may play them on my next cruise. I like reading too. It's all good and I was also wondering which plan to get. So thanks for asking.
  11. In February I found the bed on the harmony to be fine and I don't have the greatest back. Guess I got lucky.
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