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  1. Its strange, your the 2nd person to post Carnival gave a non insurance related refund. The only choice we were given was to rebook to a future sailing. I guess it is random on who you speak to.
  2. 1) did you get a 100% refund or did they move you to a future cruise? 2) did you have trip insurance?
  3. We have a check in time for the Horizon for Aug 21 of 11-11:30 boarding group A-9. i have been reading that the are allowing anyone to flood the checkin regardless of appointment time. And this is causing back ups outside the terminal in Miami. is this true?l
  4. Your not correct. I said the math is simple. According to Carnival Corp. Past 5 year annual reports. There per diem daily to break even was averaging 48.7% guest capacity at double occupancy per ship, per sailing on cruises 5-8 days. Which is there sweet spot. Food cost, docking fees, bunkering ect are variable costs. Brew12 was spot on that post. “The profits will come later”. The trick is sailing smart to avoid a shutdown. They can survive. But only by reducing the head count until this calms down. Even if this costs them short term in cancelations.
  5. My title was to hook people in. The true spirit of the post was that the head count must be reduced to continue operations during this phase of covid. Stopping would be financial suicide.
  6. If carnival truly cared they would lower capacity to 50%. They launched with the highest passenger count of the restarts. Now that numbers are rising due to Delta. Lowering pax capacity is the prudent thing to do. They are headed for a breakout with the current level of guest capacity. Those numbers are proven with simple math.
  7. What about those under 12? IMHO, maybe the cruise lines should just not allow kids until vax’s open for under 12.
  8. Why are you paying for a test? Especially since you may have been exposed by the neighbors who just tested positive, and you were at the birthday party for and afraid that you may been exposed. wink, 😉
  9. What did the charge you $150 each for?
  10. YOU DID NOT CANCEL, THEY STILL HAVE 100% OF YOUR MONEY. All you did was switch the date. Postponed does not = canceled.
  11. Thats great info, i have thier CC to set up thats cabins charging privileges.
  12. Does anyone know what is needed to complete online check in. My checkin opens up on Saturday. And one of the cabins is my cousin who is joining us. However, they are not using passports, they are using birth certificates & driver licenses. However they are away on business and the birth certificate are in their house. My concern is all of us getting the same checkin time. Our three cabins are linked for dining and come up under my login. Will i be able to complete there checkins?
  13. WOW! What a change from the old Joe Farcus designs…
  14. But if the ship is 95% vax, and there is a almost equal effectiveness of the vax. What is the point of the mask onboard. Who are we protecting?
  15. You know, I for one do not participate in door decorating. However, its harmless fun. Some folks are so into cruising that this makes them happy. Especially after being home for 16 months cooped up. don't be so closed minded. Life is too short.
  16. Can you imagine wearing a mask on an open deck in the middle of the ocean? That salty, humidity will make that mask uncomfortable to wear. Not to mention in the warm Caribbean under the hot sun. Ewwwwwww.
  17. Will be on the Horizon soon, thinking of purchasing the premium wifi. Does anyone know if it will stream netflix or prime?
  18. I believe the OP may be talking about the 95-5% vaccinated passenger ratio. And confusing that with amount of passengers on board..
  19. Anything is possible if people are willing to shell out the $$$. Please dont get me wrong. I hope you do not think I feel entitled, I certainly do not. It was just nice to have felt more appreciated, special and pampered in the past. Since you have been cruising longer then I have. It would be fun to know about some of the things you may have liked having prior to the 90’s. As I have no point of reference before then. Regards.
  20. In general do inside cabins stay cooler then outside cabins? I love a freezing cold room. Anyone who’s been on Horizon please comment, it would be appreciated.
  21. Thanks, i will take your advice. Evening service it is. 🤗😎
  22. Now that Carnival is doing once a day housekeeping, does that mean nightly turndown service is gone too?
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