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  1. This is one of those endless topics that will go round and round without agreement. Personally I am happy to follow this dress code . You know the rules when you book. However my personal choice would be scrap it but equally for others they like the formal nights and from what I've seen are well supported . Sadly we live in a world where people hate rules and it seems the minority dictates.
  2. Thanks so do I need to pre register with a t a for the 14 Oct If some kind person could just give me 5 or less steps I need to take I would appreciate it
  3. Could someone explain how I can book a cruise at the base price with a TA. What is the procedure.
  4. Iam interested in the price of mini suites or suites at launch. For example for a 7 day up to 14 night cruise. I would be grateful if someone could give me a indication.
  5. our slippers have little headlights in the front. when you slip your feet in they light up invaluable going to the bathroom in the dark !
  6. I had a pen knife in my rucksack. I had actually forgotten it was there. of course it got picked up by security and as it was no bigger than the palm of my hand they let me take it on ,
  7. Has anyone taken the bus from the station?
  8. Thankyou all your information is very helpful
  9. Thank you for your help do you think it's worth going to and do you think the time there is sufficient.
  10. I would like to go to Puerto del la Cruz, if I understand correctly it's a2.5km walk to the bus terminal. Ian thinking of booking a shore excursion with po it says it's 4.1/2 hours is this from the time we arrive at port Or when we arrive at Puerto de la Cruz? Thanks
  11. We were on Ventura in December we ate in Sindhu it was our third time.. Our experience was exactly as posford described except no one else complained. You could not fault the ambiance or service but having been twice before the quality had definitely been dumbed down . We also had the same conclusion that the curry nights in the buffet would be perfectly good for us. However if you didn't have a comparison I'm sure you would like it
  12. Has anyone done these trips and do you have any recommendations?
  13. Do all the ships show exactly the same in cabin movies. Particularly I would like to know if Ventura and Arcadia show identical films .
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