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  1. well we live in France so we are on lockdown. We have a big garden so lots to keep us busy and a holiday rental to up keep although this year looks not so good. However we have had clear direction on what we can and can't do we all recieved a SMS from the government because they had told the mobile phone companies to send it to everyone. Basically we can go out for food shopping medical reasons and exercise on our own within 2km from our house. A friend told me she went to the supermarket and was given gloves to wear everyone 2 meters apart and 50 people only allowed into the supermarket at any one time. Whatever your point of view we are reasonable clear on what we can do and what consequences we have if we fail to comply.
  2. Yes I agree Terrier John My figures are based on the reality of what's happened in Wuhan and we will have to wait for 3 months to see whether the figures are closer to reality than WHO hysteria.
  3. Sorry yes got my figures related to something else. 480000 catch it 18000 die Based on the population of Wuhan being 11000000 and 80000 being infected and 3000 dying it appears to be slowing down or stopping multiple these factors by 6 to replicate the 66 million who live in the uk.
  4. If uk figures represent China figures. We can at the expect 6000 people get it and 180 people die.
  5. Having looked at the worldwidef igures for the Coronavirus with currently under 100000. Why are the uk government saying millions could be affected . To me its just not a logical assumption. I can see this could impact on if a cruise ship docks in certain countries but now I'm beginning to understand P O reluctance to cancel cruises
  6. This was our experience we went to reception to ask for a balcony cabin. We were prepared to pay extra and were put on a list . We held off unpacking for about 3 hours still no news. They never got back to us either with its going to cost you x amount or sorry we can't do it . We then hit some rough seas and were glad we stayed where we were.
  7. Okay Andy I understand if you have paid already. However you might not be allowed to roam the ship freely. If you can you seem like you would be happy. However just look at the uproar on this site if po can't dock the ship due to weather. I actually feel sorry for the logistics of holiday companies trying to sort these situations on what is a very fluid situation which has kicked off literally in the last few weeks
  8. I'm not saying don't go or book a cruise but if countries won't let you dock given the information and the way some port authorities have already refused cruise ships to dock .You just need to except it
  9. Maybe its not a case of if its safe to travel but we need to be prepared to except that many ports might just refuse to let the ships dock its such a ongoing situation for the moment. These decisions can be implemented so quickly . So maybe we need to ask the question would I be happy to pay for a holiday where potentially I might miss a huge proportion of my ports. I'm not apportioning any blame because I believe the situation has become so fluid.
  10. Yes we're not booking anything until the situation becomes clearer. As much as I enjoy cruising being confined to a cabin or ports refusing to let you dock is a real possibility..As well as being confined to your cabin because you have a cold. All scenarios fully understandable
  11. Totally Agree we don't know how bad it really is or if China is being totally honest I have my doubts.
  12. Just to add we were on Deck 8 and the internet worked well in the cabin
  13. We were on Ventura in December and we bought the browse package about 4 times on our cruise the other times we checked email in ports. We need to check emails update our work calendar's so we need to log into various holiday rental sites to do this. We read the papers online checked weather etc etc. sent messages via WhatsApp even sent pictures. I can honestly say I had no complaints with the speed and used it all over the ship and wouldn't hesitate to buy or reccomend it. Your 24 hours will start to countdown from the time you purchased it. So you could stagger it over a two day period
  14. Also on the observation that the pools are overrun its actually a common complaint for any type of holiday especially in summer. Even getting to the beach in good weather is a nightmare because of to many people trying to do the same thing. We often camp abroad out of season and find it brilliant however read the reviews of the campsites in July August there normally not so good because everything is at full capacity and pool overcrowding is normally the top complaint during these months
  15. We need a little of both, it's a fine balance for them they need to appeal to such a wide range of people. So naturally they will attract various types of people. For me its lovely to order your breakfast delivered to your room only did it three times but I would like them to keep that bit of luxury
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