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  1. Thank you skurvish. Was this on an European cruise? Do you mind letting us know which cruise, ship and when this was from please?
  2. Thank you for this. That was dated late 2018, does this mean there hasn't been any changes? Are the drinks packages the same regardless of the region, destination or ship?
  3. Does anyone have the full list of drinks available on the Drinks Packages on Costa nowadays? We have the Brindiamo package and would like to know what drinks/cocktails are on each of the packages so consider possible "upgrade"? Are wines/drinks included at dinner in the restaurants and buffet? Thank you for your help.
  4. Also new to Costa. So we are booked on a two week cruise to Iceland on the Costa Mediterranea. 1. Is housekeeping only once each day for BP cabins also? If no turn down service in the evening will the room remain with the sofa-bed always rolled out as we are a family of 4 in the BP cabin? 2. What is the dress code for dinners please? How strict are the dress codes? 3. Does the Brindiamo drinks package allow us to get bottled water in the bars to take to the cabin? 4. We are booked for the early sitting for dinner. It looks like we will return to the ship after some excursions with little time to get ready for our 19:00 (early sitting for dinner). How strict is the timing? Would we be better we go to the buffet on those days? Thank you Raj
  5. Any tips on Whale Watching Tours in Iceland? We are travelling in late July/August and will be visiting the following ports. Which of these is best for Whale Watching and any recommendations on tour companies please? Also, any suggestions on excursions for these ports please. We only have 10 - 12 hours max in each port. Seyðisfjörður Akureyri Isafjord Grundafjord Reykjavik Thank you Raj
  6. Hi tenpin, Where on the ship would you go for a BP cabin (deck and position) if you had a choice. Would like a balance of a quiet cabin with the convenience of access to the public facilities (bars, restaurants etc.). I know you mentioned that the best cabins with the views are AFT suites, so wondered where the best BP cabins might be (particularly on the Mediterranea)? Really appreciate your full and speedy responses. Raj
  7. Thank you Alicat58 Searching the forum form Greg2014 meant I found the post you were referring to easily.
  8. Hi Tenpin, Suites aft and sipping on your favourite drinks and relaxing whilst enjoying the sights sound good to me. I guess we have to buy bottles of these to be able to do this as the packages only include "by the glass". Thanks for the tip on the Apollo Bar. There are no suites available and I don't think I will be lucky with any upgrades as we are new to Costa. But as I am generally positive, fingers crossed. Thank you for the responses. Raj
  9. Hi Riana, Thank you for the suggestion that I look at the Port Information on boards. Will get onto it now. I have also done our own excursions in East and West Mediterranean - usually just getting off the ship and taking a taxi/guide or using local TA. But on northern Europe and Norway cruises we have mostly used the cruise line excursions. Does the Brindiamo drinks package include wine and water during dinner/lunch in the main restaurants? We do enjoy the odd cocktail, but will be happy with beers, wine, G&T, and whisky. So I guess at €5 pdpp to get the option of the cocktails added to a 14 night cruise is a very good idea. Cheers! Is there a drinks menu that shows what is available on which packages and costs if paid for? How do I know what is in the Brindiamo package? Thank you once again Tiana for your time and comment. Raj
  10. Hi Again Tenpin, I think I did take a brief look at Cruiseexcurtions and they have no availability on some of the dates/ports. On some they are more pricey than the Costa excursions. Will keep looking.... (Though I call them children, they are really young adults in their late teens.) As a family we can entertain ourselves (in fact it is during holidays like this that we spend a lot of family time). On MSC Yacht Club cabins come with the exclusive Top Sail Lounge with all drinks included with the best forward views and so is the exclusive restaurant. But as you say, if the ship is small, we should be able to find space to relax in a lounge or bar, right? Where on the ship is a good place to see the fjords and get the best views when cruising on the Mediterranea, Tenpin? As for this particular cruise, after Amsterdam the next stop is the Shetlands. So I have a choice of Bremerhaven (Germany) or Amsterdam. And I think it looks more convenient to get to Amsterdam from London than Bremerhaven. Only 4 sea days out of the 14 nights. So I guess we will be busy during the day and only want to relax and find something to do on the ship on those 4 days. Thank you for the names (Silvia or Simona). I will indeed call and ask to speak to them. Would they know "Tenpin"? I will perhaps call Simona or Silvia and ask what sort of discounts might be available on board on excursions. I know that our choice of excursion may not be available when booking on the ship, but a good deal will mean we get to see/do and will make our next holiday affordable 😉 I really appreciate your time and responses. Thank you. Raj
  11. I cannot thank you enough Tenpin for the detail and speedy response. Sorry for asking more guidance/thoughts. Do you find the cost of excursions if booked on the ship is cheaper due to discounts than booking them online prior to the start of the cruise? As we are a family of four (children in their late teens), the cost of excursions for all four of us comes to nearly £5000 for the 9 ports/excursions on this Iceland (Scotland and Germany) cruise from Amsterdam! No discounts are shown on "mycosta". We have only been on large ships before RCI (Grand Suite) and MSC (Yacht Club) on all our previous 9 cruises which as you will know come with certain privileges. But these are now becoming a bit too expensive. Hence looking at other family cruises. So don't know if we should go ahead and book on the Mediterranea. Sounds like we should from your feedback. A BP cabin towards the front of deck 6 is the only choice I have at the moment. Should I try and see if another cabin on higher decks become available? Thoughts? Thank you once again for your time and comments. Raj
  12. Thank you Tenpin for this response. I am also a UK resident looking at booking an Iceland Cruise for this summer. The ship is the Mediterranea in the Balcony Premium cabin which includes the drinks package Brindiamo. Would you say an upgrade to the Intenditore package is good value? Also, if you don't mind me asking, would you say booking an excursion on the ship is cheaper? Any insights on the Mediterranea experience? Thank you once again for the information. Raj
  13. I cannot see anywhere clear indication of what is or not included in Costa Cruise fares. So would really appreciate insights. 1. Is drinking water generally provided in cabins and at meal times as standard? How about in premium cabins or suites? 2. Do the drinks packages generally include drinking water, does this include in cabins, bars and restaurants? 3. Does this vary from ship and region? I am considering a cruise on the Mediterranea this summer (Northern Europe). Thank you
  14. Costa MEDITERRANEA, 24 July 2019 seem not to have a roll call. Can someone set one?
  15. Indeed it is a small world. So Iceland seems (excursions) not as cool as the place might be. We are a family of 4 so the costs are HIGH! But there seem to be private tour operators providing private tours for small groups which might be slightly cheaper. I am still looking around. I understand that on board the ship last minute offers may be available, but some popular excursions may be sold out. Please post your experience after the cruise in June. Have a lovely holiday!
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