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  1. Don't forget the cheating at trivia and how the dinner was ruined because somebody wore jeans on the optional formal night.
  2. This is why we sail Princess - so we don't have to dress up. I get a kick out of those who are so concerned with the way others dress. Sailed on the Crown several times - never had any problem with not dressing formal. Majority of passengers just don't dress up for formal nights.
  3. I have never seen anyone without a jacket and tie be told that they can't enter the main dining room. Can't see Princess doing this as they don't want to upset the casual crowd.
  4. So what is the prize for winning Trivia - a free cruise?
  5. I wish Princess would designate one of the main pools as family/kids and the other as adults only. Too often both pools and the accompanying hot tubs are taken over by kids just being annoying. (And I understand that on the Crown, for example, there is an adults pool by the spa - but it's not in the sun - and another pool at the back of the ship but that area is small. I wish Princess would sail to Bermuda out of NYC.
  6. Exactly. The formal dress is just a suggestion on formal nights. I wear slacks or jeans, a long sleeve white shirt and boat shoes - I've never, ever had a problem. The host is telling you that dressing formally is an option - take it if you want to, don't if you don't want to. But no reason to avoid the main dining room if you're not wearing a tux, a jacket or a tie.
  7. Out of the three airports, I would choose the airport that has the cheapest fare into NYC. LaGuardia is closest to Manhattan. Regarding hotels, depends what you want to do and how long you are in for. The ship probably leaves from Red Hook, Brooklyn and there are a few hotels in Brooklyn. However, if you plan on sightseeing in Manhattan then you should get a hotel in Manhattan,
  8. You should probably just take a cab (or Uber) to the ship from the downtown Marriott. The Marriott is basically at the foot of the Battery Tunnel on the Manhattan side and the port in Red Hook is a short distance from the end of the tunnel on the Brooklyn side. The Marriott is on the West Side of Manhattan and the pier for the Ferry, I believe, is on the East Side - you have to go past the entrance of the Battery Tunnel to get to the Pier from the Marriott (by the time that you got to the pier you could be through the tunnel). The ferry will not be as convenient. Also, as someone mentioned above, not sure where people are getting "sketchy" from - Red Hook is a nice area. But people seem to believe that NYC is high crime when the fact is that our crime rates is among the lowest of major cities in the US.
  9. "On something more serious than alcohol." - And you know this because you saw the toxicology tests?
  10. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-travel-insurance-kickback-suits-20180927-story.html
  11. But you don't have to eat elsewhere - nor should you feel that you have to. And that's why many of us want to set the record straight.
  12. See I disagree. I think that Princess is being purposely ambiguous. They want the revenue from the pictures but they don't want to alienate those who prefer to dress casually on the optional formal nights on a vacation that they paid good money for. But the reality is that if they started turning away the slacks & shirt crowd they would lose passengers. My guess is that if Princess went formal only on those nights that the casual crowd books with another line. The formal crowd won't change lines and the percentage of those who would is much smaller than the percentage of the casually dressed who would bolt. There's simply too much competition out there.
  13. Wait - so you dress up in formal Wear and I walk in the MDR dressed in casual pants & polo shirt - and suddenly it's no longer a "special evening"? The only people who aren't happy with the suggested dress code are the people who feel that somehow their food tastes different and their special evening is ruined because of some guy who walked in with black slacks and a white polo shirt. See I think that is very stupid. Why are people so concerned with what other people are wearing?
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