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  1. We just got off Glory today, and I know that I saw Tito’s at the bar near the pizza place on Lido.
  2. We JUST struggled with this on Thursday. We knew we would be tipping, but couldn’t really decide on the amount until the actual private tour excursion occurred. The range in our heads was anywhere from $2 per person to $10 per person. We wound up giving closer to $11 per person, since we weren’t going to dig change out of the tip jar.
  3. I am not trying to convince you to buy the Cheers package, I just want to share what my experience was this past week. I am NOT a heavy drinker, but when I drink, I prefer them “fancy” and only with the higher quality alcohol. I also tend to not finish a drink, and then later decide I want a different flavor. With Cheers, I could just move on to a different drink and not worry that I spent $10+ on the wasted cocktails. Here’s what I ordered yesterday (last Sea Day) under Cheers (this does not mean that I finished them all). All vodka drinks were either Grey Goose or Belvedere - Hot Chai Tea Irish Coffee Bottled Water Honest T bottle - half lemonade/half tea Chocolate Lovers Iced Coffee (it might have had some other name) Perrier can Blue Moon Martini Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini Martini Seduction Bottled Water Sugar Free Rockstar Blue Moon Martini Whimsy Scarlett Martini Martini Seduction Perrier can We barely sat at The Alchemy Bar on our last day, as it was CRAZY crowded. Also, we were busy checking out the photo gallery and packing. On most days, I would have purchased four drinks from Alchemy Bar, grabbed a few bottled waters/Perrier cans, and, at least, one beverage from either the Cremes Bar or Coffee Bar. I got my money’s worth through Cheers. Even on hot port days, when a cool Frappe was the first thing my husband and I would pick up on our way to our cabin.
  4. We just got back today, and I’m already missing our time at The Alchemy Bar. 🙂 My husband and I could walk up and order each other’s drinks with no problem. But, we tipped well, and our favorite bartender new our names no matter where she saw us on the ship. The barista at Cremes Bar learned my name quickly, too, and even looked up my husband’s folio number (without me asking), when I realized I had forgotten to grab his card.
  5. We went to Paradise Beach (pay as you go option), and everyone LOVED it. I requested to sit on the beach, but we still needed to be near the pool, so they sat us two rows from the back under beautiful palm trees. The service was fantastic from Roger and Christian. We tried all sorts of delicious food, and some had alcoholic drinks. I have no idea if we spent as much as the AI option would have cost or not, because I didn’t see our final tab.
  6. We were VERY pleased with our private tour through Lawson’s Yucatan Excursions. Raul was our guide and Martin was our driver to Uxmal and Choco-Story. I can’t say enough good things about how well they worked with accommodating our group of nine - ages 8 through 82.
  7. We wound up booking with Lawson’s, and I am REALLY hoping it works out the way it is planned. There are a total of 9 of us, who will be traveling to Uxmal. That ruins visit will be at my parents’ pace. After that, we will be visiting the nearby chocolate museum, so the kids in the group have some fun, too. 🙂
  8. I love dinner AND breakfast in the MDR. Having someone else wait on me, prepare my food, and clean the dishes is part of what I enjoy about eating out. I hate eating at buffets at home, so I sure don’t want to eat at buffets on vacation. It’s been years, but we have tried NCL once, and we actually enjoyed the flexibility of different sit down venues. But we still stayed away from buffets as much as possible.
  9. Mulate’s - We have never been, and I just stumbled across it on a list of live music venues with kids. I looked at their website, including their menu, and it seems like a it might be a perfect fit for us the night before our cruise. Will we feel rushed to hurry up, eat, and clear the table, or is it the type of restaurant where we can take our time and enjoy the show? Our kids are late teens, so they won’t have any problem sitting still (or might even get up and dance).
  10. If anyone out there has pros/cons they are willing to share on Lawson’s Original Yucatan Adventures at the Progreso port, will you please message me. Thank you so much!
  11. Thank you for your reply. I was also thinking that Paradise Beach might be more family friendly than Mr. Sanchos. I will definitely recommend they read some reviews about PB.
  12. It seems silly to me to make someone wait 5 minutes for a bottled water. It also seems like Carnival is adding more work to their own staff.
  13. There’s a total of 11 of us traveling together over Spring Break. Originally, the individual families were going to do their own thing in Cozumel. Then, we were all heading to Playa Mia with transfers, so we could be together, but not have to mess with two or three taxis. Out of the blue, the parents of the youngest kids - 3, 8 & 10 - decided we should go to Mr Sanchos instead, because people they knew had been there and recommended it. I am assuming that it is a cost issue at this point, so I’m wondering if I should recommend they look at Paradise Beach, since that’s both pay-as-you-go and AI, too. Any thoughts based on the ages of the three younger ones? I think that only the 8 year old would be interested in the inflatables.
  14. We have never been to Mr Sanchos, and I wasn’t even considering it, but some of our (Traveling with us) family members seem to be sold on it. Would you recommend for three boys - 3, 8 & 10?
  15. Hey, Sarahbeth476 - I’m hoping you are still active on the CC boards. I saw Memphis under your name, and I’m sitting in Germantown typing this right now. If you have any negatives to share about working with Lawson’s, will you please let me know. We have never been to Progreso, so hesitant to book outside of the Carnival excursions.
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