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  1. We were scheduled for a multi-generational New Year's Eve week long cruise, but wound up canceling that and booking a June 2022 one, instead. It would have been nice to enjoy some limited capacity on the ship, but with a few under age 12 and several vaccinated adults with pre-existing health issues, we just were not ready to take the risks. I will be watching the threads, though, to see how holiday cruises wind up for those that do sale.
  2. Do you happen to know if any of these shuttles will also pick up at Disney area hotels? We are hoping to fly in a few days early for some park time, before our cruise.
  3. Has anyone used Happy Limo? We will have 13 in our party and I just recently website chatted with that company to see if they will drop off at more than one hotel, if needed. (It’s a yes, for an additional cost.)
  4. My $200 credit from a $500 total purchases is on my AmEx Cash card (not co-branded). We just recently added two cards on this account for college students, so I’ll be checking to see if they have any RCCL offers and if my husband has any with his login. We have beverage packages and port excursions to purchase for our June 2022 cruise, so I am thrilled to have come across this unexpected discount.
  5. Thank you to the OP. I just looked and I have spend $500 on Royal Caribbean by 12/31/2021 and receive a $200 credit. This will make for a nice discount on the beverage packages we haven’t purchased, yet.
  6. Any idea if there are cabanas on Labadee that might be handicap accessible? I would like to have shade for my parents, but getting them up/down those steps all day might be a challenge.
  7. How in the heck do you find a covid test within 2 days of sailing AND have the results back in time?!?!? And we live in a large metropolitan area with lots of testing available, but people are still waiting in line for 3 hours for drive up testing, not able to find actual appointments, or, literally, driving 90 minutes away for appointments. (I'm in the South, by the way . . . It's a "cluster" around here.)
  8. By complete coincidence, I just got a text from a family member asking if we should consider June 2022. (I don't know . . . So many moving parts when there are so many households to consider.) FCC for the deposit! Thank you! I was not the one that coordinated the deposits, so I couldn't remember how RCCL would handle that. (And we are newbies to RCCL, so no past experience with them.)
  9. Your replies are very much appreciated. My immediate family has cruised before, always with insurance, but that was pre-pandemic times. When you add in all of the additional relatives, that holiday cruise we booked five months ago is now sounding "iffy" at this point. cruiselvr04 - You bring up some great questions. I definitely do not have the answers to them. Except that there is no way to self quarantine 2 weeks prior for the majority of us. (Work, school, air travel.)
  10. Curious how most of you are feeling about making final payments for holiday 2021 cruises. I REALLY wish the cruise lines didn't have that darn 90 day prior final payment thing. (Yes, yes, I understand the business aspect of needing the cash and needing to determine how many passengers will be on board.) We have a multi-generational holiday cruise booked, but are now having second thoughts. The main concern is the under 12 family members who are currently not eligible for covid vaccines. Additionally, there has been significant health decline in those over 80 and we aren't certain they will be physically capable of participating in the cruise. Ten days left to decide, before the TA needs to either cancel, reschedule or collect final payments. Anyone want to send me a PM on their favorite cruise insurance carrier? That might solve some of our hesitancies.
  11. Great info here! I want to add that the beach in Key West is nothing to write home about. It is a cool area to visit, but not sure it’s worth the added travel time and cost due to the ages of your children. If you can arrange it, I would plan the parks before the cruise. That would give you a chance to “recover” on a deck chair.
  12. This is good information to know. Thank you for sharing. We have a multi-generational holiday cruise booked and two of the children will still be too young for vaccines. They are very good at understanding when masks are required. And none of us mind selecting from the RCCL tours to stay together.
  13. We have Liberty booked over New Year’s. We have not planned excursions, yet, as we had a feeling things might get moved around.
  14. I am a bit slow at jumping in here, and thanking you for taking the time to share your cruise with all of us. Looks amazing!
  15. Our currently booked cruise does not stop at CocoCay. However, the one that was booked & canceled in 2020 did include CocoCay, and we had two cabanas booked for our first visit there. (I can’t remember the cost, but I know it was a sale under $600 each.) There were about 25 family members sailing together, and the cabana rentals were to insure that those over 80 (and a few younger in poor physical condition) had a place to sit in the shade. With a cabana, food & water would be brought to our elderly and the rest of us wouldn’t have to worry about them standing in a buffet line or attempting to balance food while walking through the sand. We had selected cabanas in an area that we could grab the beach wheel chairs, if needed. We also had a couple of young moms who wanted to have a definite napping place for their little kids. For our large group, it was worth the expense for the convenience factor. I think it was 6 wristbands per cabana, so when you divide the cabana price out per person, it was a reasonable decision for our multi-generational family. Sadly, we never got to experience it.
  16. Nope There was an additional line for the gratuities
  17. I looked yesterday and the Cruise Planner had $50 per day, but then when you put it in the cart it was $57 per day. I emailed Royal Caribbean, hoping someone would reply to me, but they still have not. Today, the Cruise Planner has $57 per day listed, but when you try to add it to the cart, you get a giant ERROR message. Here's hoping that there's a $50 or less per day price happening soon that can actually be purchased.
  18. I like this thread. It really makes you think. (Well, let's be honest, the unexpected disruptions of 2020 have made us all think and re-think.) I am, typically, not a buffet eater, but I do hope that the buffets never go back to self-serve. I understand that requires more crew to staff it all, and that it could mean longer lines, but no one on a cruise is going hungry. I hope the cruise lines factor in enough time between disembarking and then embarking to thoroughly clean. I also hope they continue to clean more during the cruise. This is about more than COVID. Think about all of the norovirus issues that have happened over the years. I don't think the cruise lines will be able to increase their prices by too much. But that will definitely be a wait and see situation.
  19. This sounds a lot like us on a different line, but I imagine we would do the same on RCCL. There is so much more on the Deluxe Beverage Package than alcohol. Not sure why people get so hung up that those that buy it are going to consume 15 alcoholic drinks in a day. They might . . . but it's not required.
  20. I hope the OP doesn't mind me "piggy backing." When I click the "learn more" link regarding the RCCL beverage packages, it tells me that it is for up to $12 drinks. But, recently, I saw the list of the drink menus on the AOS sailing and the specialty drinks were $13. What?!?!? Are the bars really going to be charging me $1 for each drink even if I purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package?
  21. Thanks! We have been to Grand Cayman on two previous cruises, so it won't really hurt my feelings, if we don't go. However, I hope that Royal Caribbean will arrange a replacement port stop and that it doesn't just turn into another Sea Day.
  22. It will be our first time cruising out of Galveston. The bells & whistles on Liberty of the Seas are really for my nephews, otherwise we would have picked a closer port to us - NOLA or Mobile. Cozumel has so many options that we aren't too worried about that one. If a pay as you go beach club (LOVE Paradise Beach) is an option, we will be doing that. If we are required to select a cruise sponsored excursion, we plan on Playa Mia (we have never been there) or Chankaanab (haven't seen it, since they finished all of the after the hurricane rebuilding). For Grand Cayman, we are leaning toward one of the tours around the island. We have been to that tender port twice. First time, just hung out at 7 mile beach. Second time, we swam with dolphins, petted stingrays and visited the turtle farm. (Exhausting, but our three kids LOVED it.) If Grand Cayman won't allow cruise ships in 2021, then I hope RCCL tells us several months in advance of our revised itinerary, so we can plan accordingly.
  23. It’s been many years, but we, thoroughly, enjoyed our day passes at Hilton Rose Hall. Also booked through Resort for a Day. That is my “go to” site, when I don’t want to go directly through the cruise line.
  24. Anyone cruised on New Year’s Eve? The females on our multi-generational group are ready for sparkly formal dresses, but the males are all over - tux, khakis & a jacket, tuxedo t-shirt. The ladies are ready to celebrate that we will be vacationing and welcoming a new year. Most of the guys just want to be comfy.
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