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  1. I just spoke with Lisa, Resolutions Department, after 30 minutes on hold. She stated all the TP’s that we’re L & S would be returned to previous status. I told her I was going to post on my CC roll call just that, and she said go ahead. She was very adamant that those L & S cruises were made in error, and would be corrected. Can’t wait to see what happens next. To be totally honest, she did tell me to keep checking back things are fluid!
  2. I tried again yesterday after reading of NECriuseLover successful L & S of my same cruise. Again, no luck. Transferred to 2 additional representatives. If they are deciding on an individual case basis, I’m afraid my number has been flagged!🙄
  3. Last evening I thought I successfully L & S my 2021 Transpacific Cruise. Successful enough to be assigned another stateroom since mine was occupied already. I called today to ask about an updated invoice and was told the L & S was now on hold until TBD. Not happy! Sorry if my misinformation caused problems. I will keep trying, and updating. Right now I need some zen meditation after my Celebrity encounter.
  4. Thanks, Maryanne. Just L&S , too. 2020 cruise lifted twice. But they would not honor L&S for my BtoB, All around Japan. I moved it, but had to pay prevailing rates. Lucky for me they were basically unchanged, with all the same perks. I think L&S is only for Canada affected cruises for now.
  5. I love wearing masks! They hide most of my wrinkles. 😷
  6. Hi all, Regarding husband/wife sharing CC status, on our Fall 2019 TA I was new elite+, my husband was just elite (extra cruise alone with sister). The first morning I took both cards to Al Bacco, and was informed that only my tea was comped, as the lady pointed out, only my card said elite+. I hadn’t noticed his just said elite. He also only had the 90 minutes, versus my 280? Those are 2 things I know for sure that I got, and he didn’t. Libby
  7. Interesting. The oceanview category on the September 2021 All Around Japan Soltice sailing has shown sold out for over a week that I have checked prices. I was wondering if some group may have booked an event. This lift and shift is between Millennium to Soltice. Any detectives? Any other sold out 2021 ocean views? Thanks, Libby
  8. I called 18005568209. Average wait time around 20 minutes. Wait time for resolution priceless!
  9. Hi again. Just called Celebrity again. This time I had no trouble switching. Things changed?morning till now. Just glad to have this switch done. September 11, 2020 —- September 10, 2021. Millennium to Soltice. Transpacific Vancouver to Tokyo. Same price, same perks, same guarantee class of cabin I booked in August 2019. Thanks, Celebrity. My air booked through Celebrity will be refunded, also. Thanks, Gandy sp? My celebrity phone guy.
  10. To add confusion. I tried to change my September 11, 2020 Transpacific on Millennium to next year. After a long wait, was told this switch did not meet the guidelines of same ship. Celebrity rep said, sorry no deal. He did say Too keep calling back and see if the ship rule changes. He said he spoke with several other reps and departments. Celebrity at its best. I may try again right now. Millennium to Soltice.
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