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  1. We booked our May, 2021 Alaska cruise this past January. I check prices weekly and they've gone up and down, but not lower overall than what I booked. I'm happy with the price and perks we got, so if it goes down, great, but I'm really not expecting it to.
  2. I totally get why you'd want to try and spare their feelings. That being said, some of the specialty dining venues are on the smaller side and tying up a large table for those of us who really do want it is unfortunate. We were a group of 8 and had a heck of a time trying to get reservations at a decent time (before 9😉).
  3. We were on this cruise and agree with everything the OP has said. We did have some service issues the first day, but a "note to Errol" and they were all resolved. Errol is the general manager for those that don't know and there's a box with note pads to drop a note in. We've done several large ships and I definitely noticed the cutbacks others have mentioned here. We also loved Le Bistro, but disappointed in Ocean Blue. Other than specialty dining we did most of our dinners in Tropicana.
  4. Thanks. That's the same answer I got, but a TA on another group posted otherwise and seemed pretty sure of herself, lol. I know how it is getting different answers from different folks, so I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow, lol.
  5. Does it appear the current sale is applying to these sailings?
  6. This is awesome! We'll also be boarding as you get off, and in Aqua. Travelling with our longtime best friends.
  7. Can someone please tell me the order in which JetBlue loads their planes? Front to back or reverse? We have no special privilege or need that would allow for priority boarding.
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