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  1. Thanks eveyone for the help. :)
  2. I have the Charge 2. I will be using the Carnival Hubb app for just the free stuff.
  3. I'll be using my fitbit as my watch on my upcoming cruise. Is there a way to keep it from changing time? I want to keep it on ship's time. Hope I'm making sense. :) Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Just wondering, if you have any left over can you take it with you when you get off the ship? We aren't flying home, we drive to the port.
  5. When you book can you still go online and put information like: beds, dining preference, name, etc? or has that changed also?
  6. We just want 1 or maybe 2 of our pictures. I'm thinking we can still buy just those two on the ship, correct?
  7. We were on the Sunshine the last cruise before dry dock and it was business as usual. One of our favorite cruises.
  8. May be a stupid question but: You can still buy individual pictures on board, right? Say we just want 1 or 2 of our photos, this is still allowed without having to buy a package?
  9. Does the cards still come with hole punched in them? On our last cruise it had the hole punch and I was able to put it on my lanyard. Just wondering if they still do or if not where can I get it punched?
  10. For someone like me who is claustrophobic it can make a big impact. What I learned to do is take a small hand held fan and ask to stand in the very front of the group so no one's standing in front of me so I can at least get some air.
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