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  1. CruisePlanner for November 2020 is showing beach beds on Chill island, and cabanas are showing a grayed picture and “not available “
  2. I just finished listening to “Passenger 23” by Sebastian Fitzek, I don’t think it is available as a readable book in English, only German. Audio book in English though A fairly dark psychological thriller set on a modern day cruise ship
  3. I also have/had PF, in both feet. Used to sleep with the “boots” on my feet every night plus had supportive straps on all day. Then a podiatrist recommended I try MBT shoes. They helped. Despite all the doubts I had, after reading about arch support. Now I stay symptom free with MBT shoes, I can even use regular flat shoes for a short while without Pat acting up. 🙂
  4. I’m on Safari iOS 12, no malware afaik. I get around the redirection by using an adblocker and disabling JavaScript. But that breaks some other websites I use, so it’s a hassle.
  5. Hi there, the past couple of days I have been getting redirected to scammy webpages, the type tht claim a win and tries to get email and/or credit card info. So I’m guessing some advertisement is running a bad script. Ad is showing a (bad) Finnish webpage, so it recognizes my location. getting redirected to https://eu.moneysavingexpertuniversity dot top.... and long sting of numbers including ip-address, maybe every 5-10 page changes here gets me tossed to that page. thought you’d like to know.
  6. I’m tagging along on this thread, I have my first transatlantic booked for next year 🙂
  7. I also noticed that controlling the Arcade credits in the arcade, on the stateroom TV or in the app was impossible on Harmony in April. The kids in our party (14, 15 and 19) each got $100 arcade credit. The only way to keep track was for them to count (not fun, and easy to loose track, making it a chore) or stand in line to Guest Services to check how much is left. The machine for adding credits (?) in the arcade did not show what was left. And two of them went a few dollars (4&6) over by accident - machine did not alert, and did not show up in the app. Royal needs to work on how this is set up...
  8. I did this in April this year on Harmony. I have never snorkeled or dived. We met at a quarter to nine on the first sea day (Eastern Caribbean). We had to go to the dive shop on embarkation day to sign the health declaration. There were five of us in our group and we started off by getting fitted with the fins, the instructor then got out gear for us and we went to the pool next to the dive shop (the sport pool, a “regular depth pool, maybe 5ft deep). We started off with a short instruction about the breathing gear, sitting on the edge of the pool with our tanks of air. And the OK, and UP hand signs. Then helped into the water, held on to the edge, face down, and tried breathing the “canned air” underwater. Next step was to kneel on the pool floor and get comfortable breathing underwater. After that we could swim along the bottom of the pool in a circle. And then we were done, the time in water was a total of half an hour. There was two other (private?) classes in the same pool, one student and his instructor times two, so the swimming underwater was a bit crowded. it was perfect for us (me and 14yo) to try to see if we could handle the mask and mouthpiece and breathing underwater. One of our group aborted after trying the face under water. We loved it, and I will definitely sign up for a dive certificate class! I’m adding a picture of the group after us, they are just stRting in the water, at 9:30. Our time was at 9, we were to arrive a quarter to, so we were in water around 9
  9. On Harmony the other week, ordered several of the drinks marked as $13 in the menu, did not see any extra charges.
  10. Yes, we got the freshly squeezed orange juice on the refreshment/deluxe drink packages.
  11. Exactly my thoughts, and the wording on the wrapping makes me suspicious - especially with the “ocean plastics” being the topic now. No way I want a used lid, can’t get those pieces clean 😳
  12. Yes, the two on the right were on Harmony. All cups I saw were in that plastic, so I just assumed they were new, hadn’t even thought anything else 😳. I haven’t opened any of ours, so can’t tell if they would look scratched.
  13. The one on the LEFT is an older one, middle is the one with handle that I noticed some peopl had. Can’t find a size printed on it, but it has a screw on top and ”sort of” closes with the straw threaded down as a U-shape.
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