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  1. Yeah, I just wish the map had a scale, I don’t think that is to scale. So I am trying to figure that out 🙂
  2. Looks like it is all sold out, no cabins avilable, but one can sign up for a wait list. it will be interesting tomfollow, and would have been a nice relaxing holiday-cruise. Well, maybe after I retire and have time for longer cruises 🙂
  3. I’m having trouble figuring out real world distances for CocoCay, since we haven’t been there. I booked BeachClub cabana for everyone (4 adults, 2 20-yo and 2 17-yo) but starting to think the “young ones” will probably want to go to the waterpark. Is the distance reasonable, so they can use BeachClub as home base, or should we get them their own daybed or cabana?
  4. Also, there might be different rules for what is included in the cruise fare depending on consumer protection and marketing regulations. OP has location UK, so might be a bit different. In my country gratuities are “included in the fare” because of how the travel age ts can market the services and travel.
  5. I’m probably going to cancel or move our Western Caribbean February 2021, as well as eastern Mediterranean in July 2021. We are almost in November, I can’t see there being wide vaccination schemes and control of, the pandemic by early spring 2021 😞
  6. I’m looking to cancel/move our February 27th Western Caribbean cruise, a pity since the excursions we have planned are interesting. But I am dubious as to whether it will sail, and with what restrictions. Further complicated by us being in Europe, and intercontinental flights etc.
  7. Next booked: Mariner November 23rd 2020 Next booked I think might sail: Rhapsody July 16th 2021 from Venice Booked, most disappointed for cancellation: Rhapsody February 27th 2021 because of the awesome excursions we have booked for the Yucatan-area
  8. the loose furniture is *scary*, looked like some people got hurt
  9. You should try the 8.000 piece Degano “world history 2000 years” jigsaw.... 😇 Took DH and me about a year, fortunately he worked a job where he was away 4 days a week, or it might have ended badly... https://www.jigsaw-wiki.com/wiki/8000_2000_Years
  10. I used to like holding a paper book, but now I’m spoiled with the book (Kindle) having a built in stand and light, and stays open on the page I’m reading without propping. I actually pass on books if they aren't available in e-format. The exception being manuals that one has toflip back and fort in. sooo... please consider e-format for your book (yes, I’m curious what it is)
  11. My Kindle Oasis (I have 1179 unread books on it right now), downloaded movies on my ipad, my noise cancelling headphones and my quilting (English Paper Piecing, a few blocks for the Dear Jane quilt). Oh, and a resistance band, large rubber band, for some exercise for the shoulders after all that sitting hunched over 🙂
  12. you will find them online in the Cruise Planner to buy. If your trip is a long way off, it might not be available to book yet. Just keep an eye on the Cruise Planner and prices
  13. Toddlers, in my experience, have the tendency to “push off” with their legs though. So who knows. Only one thing is certain, she wouldn't have fallen if she hadn't been lifted up over the railing.
  14. I just booked this Hilton hotel, from your photos, the location is so nice... too bad about no balcony, though
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