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  1. October17

    Why travel solo?

    I’ve only been on one cruise so far, with my teenage son and a friend of his & mother. And the full families are going on a Caribbean cruise in April. While it was (and will be) fun and interesting - all the compromises with excursions, agreeing on schedules etc is a bit of a damper. So, I travel a lot for work (maybe 50-60 nights a year) so I’m used to being out by myself. And I also do a few extended weekends etc on my own for stuff that doesn’t interest husband/kid. I love shopping in London for instance, which would bore the family to death... Hubby does his trips with his friends for stuff I don’t enjoy, and I do my trips for my interests. And family trips for stuff we all enjoy. We are a family, or a chain-gang 😉 I’m already planning to go solo for my next cruise, unless hubby gets bitten by the cruise bug and really wants to go 🙂 I
  2. I have booked the RCI excursion “Sport Fishing” for the teenage boys and fathers in our group. But, I have not been able to find ANY information about it... did anyone here try it, or even see the boats etc?
  3. Thank you for your posts! I will be sailing April 14th, so it is so much fun to read these while waiting
  4. Thank you, and good to know there is transport back from the airport, might be easiest 🙂 especially with luggage drop off there
  5. Has anyone here done this “excursion”? Would it be possible to get the luggage and stay in Miami afterwards? I’m thinking it might be an easy way to spend some time while waiting for the hotel check-in time, the tour includes luggage storage st their depot and airport transfer.
  6. October17

    Disembarkation time, FLL Harmony

    Thank you all for your replies - I will sleep until 7:50, leave cabin and get breakfast right after 8 🙂
  7. October17

    Gluten Free Pancakes

    Oh no, not good news. But I guess cross contamination is a problem with the buffet areas. Happy to hear pancakes are available though
  8. Hi, I’m not a morning person... I know I have to be out of the stateroom by 8am. So: if I get assigned an early time for leaving the ship, can I sleep as long as possible and then grab breakfast and leave later than my assigned time?
  9. October17

    Poolside Theft?

    Well, I have the bag, and really like it, which is why I posted about it. I have also posted a review, although mine does not show up as verified purchase either, since I bought it direct from the manufacturer and the one for my brother from Amazon uk. I actually bought a spare 10” square of the fabric directly from the maker as well, to test with my scissors & knife. I was able to poke a small hole in the bag with a very sharp knife, but not able to enlarge the hole. Tried ripping with pliers etc. and the wire that is inside the black fabric “strap” which you attach it to a secure object, feels thick enough. Sure, not “bomb proof” but secure enough, no one is going to snatch it or quickly get into the bag.
  10. October17

    Poolside Theft?

    I leave my kindle and iPhone in a “safe bag”that is attached to the lounger on beaches. I have a Loc Tote branded one from Amazon, it looks like a regular beach bag, but is actually slash proof and lockable etc. 🙂 https://www.amazon.com/LOCTOTE-Flak-Sack-Theft-Resistant-Slash-Resistant/dp/B01MTEK78R
  11. October17

    Sport Fishing in Labadee, Haiti

    Has anyone done this one or found reviews??
  12. October17

    ABC & Labadee? Easy as 123 & 4!

    Thank you, your post is very helpful in planning what to do/book
  13. October17

    We are not contagious

    This. At least I have been brought up to NEVER EVER look at anyone different. I think this is common in my country and generation. So definitely I’m one of the awkward ones, trying hard not to look. And unwittingly being insulting. :o
  14. Yeah, an update would have been nice. Maybe they are out cruising
  15. October17

    New question on post cruise survey

    Thank you, that was a short one, but I did write my feedback in the free text field, even though they asked another question :)