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  1. I usually bring a small knitting project (socks, mittens) that I mostly do in the airplane. And then hand piecing (for quilt blocks) for other times, when I have a bit more room to spread out. English Paper Piecing or diamonds are practical for “on the go” sewing
  2. I had thought that any drink up to $13 is covered, and I’d only have to pay the excess. But am I understanding this correctly, that there is some list of included drinks? So if I want a specific cognac (nothing over the top, but a decent XO that would be over the price limit), I would have to pay the full price, not just the part over $13? Not the end of the world, but got to know ... where can one find such a list of included beverages?
  3. October17

    New Program called "The Key"

    Duh. No advice requested in my post. I am not posting “oh my whatever shall I do now?!” in a bimbo voice. I am merely stating a fact. I was under the impression that this thread is about The Key program and the benefits offered. This is such a lovely and welcoming forum.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I booked our next cruise onboard and havve checked in with the following configuration: -me and hubby -our kid, friends‘ two kids (14, 15, 19] in a connected room -the other parents in the next cabin over, not connecting this setup was suggested by the RCI Next Cruise staff when booking, we were thinking of putting an adult over 21 in each room. And check in did work. So your experience confirms that it should be okay.
  5. October17

    New Program called "The Key"

    Original terms with no reservations needed, and today’s version. I guess they found out that the reserved seating area was difficult to manage, which I do understand, but it still does remove one of the major benefits IMO.
  6. October17

    New Program called "The Key"

    Ugh, the Key benefits changed for my Harmony April 14th sailing as well. Reservations are now REQUIRED minimum 72 hrs before (or onboard) 😞 not happy the deciding factor booking Key for the seven of us was not having to plan entertainment. I have screenshots of both versions. 😞 And no entertainment available to book yet, 75 days to go.
  7. My son cannot have dairy, and although I had contacted special needs before our Mediterranean cruise, the only thing MDR had was the same sorbet every evening, and fruits/berries. Not very exciting for a teen 7 nights in a row. On out next cruise I will also talk to the maitre’d when we board, hoping they will find more variety.
  8. October17

    Dining with strangers

    Huh? i do get a fair share of banker&lawyer jokes though 😁
  9. October17

    Dining with strangers

    I dislike answering truthfully, because I’m a lawyer working in finance. Then I almost always get asked about either the financial markets or judicial questions. And I’m on holiday
  10. October17

    Sash Bag

    Thanks to this thread I found out about Sash bags, and just picked my parcel up from the post office. They didn’t have any fabric ones in store when I ordered on the website, so I got the black & brown leather one, and a light colored “pleather” one for Summer (and Caribbean)
  11. We’re in Fort Lauderdale dur that time too, I booked a hotel called Premiere right on the beach. Only 2 stars, but right by the beach and reviews say it’s clean... will see what it is like... Cheap anyway and great location
  12. October17

    New Program called "The Key"

    This is EXACTLY my reasoning as well. I sail in April, so hope to have the reservations-situation clear by then. I printed out the t&c... I am not happy if I will have to plan shows and make bookings. There’s enough scheduling on a cruise with everything else, so not having to book shows was the selling point for the 7 of us.
  13. October17

    New Program called "The Key"

    Yes, this was the main selling point for me as well. There seems to be two types of benefits for the Key, no reservations and designated area WITH reservations required. Like either bag drop off OR early cabin access. Probably depends on the ship. would LOVE to get confirmation on the Key “no reservations required “ and how it really works
  14. October17

    New Program called "The Key"

    Thank you for this information, the no reservations needed is what made me decide on getting the Key for the 7 of us...