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  1. According to John Heald that is an automated letter you may disregard it.
  2. The steward will handle things is the most common answer.
  3. carnival.com https://www.carnival.com/staterooms.aspx you're welcome
  4. Yes, you can TBD the 2nd guest You're not changing a name so no name change fee involved.
  5. John Heald has mentioned it a few times in his FB posts.
  6. I couldn't find the "Fine Print". If i remember correctly FCC belongs to the main person that booked the cruise. FCC can only be used for 1 cruise and you don't "keep" the leftover.
  7. https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-update.aspx click canceled cruise update Looks like the obc is for cruises that they have to cancel/fits into certain dates for now.
  8. Quick search about the blue horses (the link won't embed). But its from a page im guessing we can't mention here or something Aruba is at Plaza Daniel Leo. Ever wondered about the blue horses? They represent the important historical moment where the horses jumped from the ship deck into the Caribbean Ocean and swim to our Aruban Bay 'Paardenbaai “. The 8 Sculptures represents "Strength, Nobility, Grace, Beauty and Freedom".
  9. You missed the whole if you have lung/kidney/heart diseases , diabetes , require oxygen support or 70 or older without a fit to sail letter you wouldn't be able to cruise. This was of course before the whole shut down that has happened.
  10. They need a new TA and I'm guessing the cruise isn't happening.
  11. The plans are 1 device at a time. You would have to buy 2 unless you share back and forth.
  12. I called Carnival yesterday about a price drop for my May cruise . I was told my booking dropped over $300 and she asked if I would accept the difference as OBC I said yes . After being put on hold she came back with different numbers ($100) I said yes to the new numbers(any extra is better than none) . I was put on hold again this time the call ended with 0 extra OBC and the keep my booking OBC doesn't match what carnivals letter reads for a 6+ day cruise. I guess it really depends who you get. Happy Sailing
  13. Check the thread Panorama LIVE - Feb 29th - Mexican Riviera +Vegas +Hollywood There is a video of the announcement from the CD about the tests being conducted and time frame involved.
  14. I agree with the previous post. There was no "family style" involved the few times I have been. It was order what you wanted and got individual plates of those items .
  15. from a google search "On Carnival Breeze, the ship features the standard complimentary saunas and steam rooms inside the respective men's and women's locker rooms on Deck 12.Nov 8, 2019" It is the internet though so not sure how accurate it is
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