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  1. You are exactly right. Plus, I did the exact same thing way back when and have completely forgotten about the card.
  2. How many more choices do you want?
  3. There are so many better cards out there. Don't settle on the Carnival one. Do some research and compare overall travel benefits.
  4. Oh no!!! A billion dollar company losing, as you low-balled, "thousands of dollars". How will they every survive.....
  5. The new format works great. If you're remotely computer literate it's a breeze. Took me all of a minute or two to figure out how to print docs, see itinerary, and so on.
  6. Just don't be too obvious about what you're doing and nobody will know/care. I've done it quite a bit and have never had a problem.
  7. https://mycruisestories.com/2013/01/26/red-frog-pub-on-carnival-breeze/redfrog-pub-menu-johns/
  8. The March movies have been posted a couple times in the last week or so. Should be pretty easy to find.
  9. It's a much better layout than the previous one. You shouldn't be so afraid of change.
  10. Ummmmmmm what? I'd imagine you've been retired for awhile.
  11. There is ways a chance. Unfortunately, nobody here give you any real answer beyond that.
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