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  1. The new format works great. If you're remotely computer literate it's a breeze. Took me all of a minute or two to figure out how to print docs, see itinerary, and so on.
  2. Just don't be too obvious about what you're doing and nobody will know/care. I've done it quite a bit and have never had a problem.
  3. It's a much better layout than the previous one. You shouldn't be so afraid of change.
  4. Ummmmmmm what? I'd imagine you've been retired for awhile.
  5. There is ways a chance. Unfortunately, nobody here give you any real answer beyond that.
  6. It's not too hard for you, or anyonez to figure it if Cheers is worth it for them. Some quick math will give you your answer. No need to make ANOTHER thread asking the same question as dozens of other people.
  7. Load them onto your account when on board, either at guest services or the kiosks.
  8. Don't think there is a limit. I just paid $800 in one go and am pretty sure I've done more before.
  9. Some people just like to get that post count up by posting useless comments!
  10. The issue isn't one line vs another. It's the fact it is a four day cruise. Anything less than a week on the "mainstream" lines tends to be more of a party cruise.
  11. Look into private companies. You'll save money, likely be in much smaller groups, and just have more fun. I've done this in both the Med and the Baltics. Worked out fantastically.
  12. Another option to get points is to sign up for a new account with a different email. Do that and then subscribe to all newsletters. It ends up being something like 9k points right there. Rinse and repeat.
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