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  1. A baby usually needs at a minimum the same documents required of any other passenger, so at least the same as what you have to bring whether that's a certified birth certificate or passport. Some lines will have further requirements if any parent named on the birth certificate aren't also cruising.
  2. Someone else will hopefully address Celebrity specifically. Generally, there is an issue trying to move a kid up a level (which is what most people are asking to do), but down is usually easier as long as there isn't a big age difference. If you explain that she just turned 10 and is immature for her age, that is an easier task. I would leave wanting to be with her cousins out of it - they can't accommodate all the passengers who want to keep siblings/families/friends together, so usually don't make changes based on that.
  3. Super confused why you think CruiseCritic members on the family board know if the lines (all of them!) are going to be enforcing a rule. I see that this is very important to you - the vast majority of your various posts over the years are about this issue. While we all find it annoying, clearly the chance of fecal matter in the pool is so extremely dangerous to your husband, he shouldn't be in the pools at all since you can't know which adults are also incontinent, etc. But thrilled there's plenty else to do and we're all going to be back cruising soon! Envious of your four booked cruises!
  4. We did have a balcony because we had a larger suite shared with a friend, but used it very little. The thing with a Europe cruise is you are in the room so little (basically on waking and when going to bed) because days are spent exploring. If it had saved money, I definitely would rather spend the $ on private tours over a balcony - unless you want it for fresh air if you're concerned about seasickness. Sea was very choppy one night, but we crossed over to Egypt, so it may have been that day. Depending on your itinerary, our ship was mostly moving only at night, mostly during sleeping hou
  5. We did those ports on Norwegian over the Christmas holiday one year when my twins were 5. Besides one very rainy day in Rome (but it seems to rain every time we're in Rome, including the summer), the weather was fantastic for seeing Europe with kids. SO much better than in the summer, when the heat and crowds create more whining opportunities. That said, yes, it was cool for swimming, but on this itinerary, it was more about the ports than what's available on the ship. The ship was really just where we ate breakfast, dinner and slept. On our one sea day, the kids didn't care about the wea
  6. What does this have to do with the OP's question? Also from CB: "Masks don't make sense to me" and from last year "This is not as bad as it's being made out to be."
  7. They're requiring adults to be vaccinated? This would be something only your specific cruise line could answer. But please let us know what they say. We're anxious to get back on board!
  8. Unless they're twins, most kids are going alone into the group they're assigned. Everyone is brand new and feeling awkward and the staff is masterful at making everyone feel comfortable and have fun. I have seen counselors allow an older sibling on the edge of the age group age down, but only in the younger groups, not with a teen (unless maybe they just had a birthday). You can understand parents not wanting a teenager with the younger kids and a non-teen is rarely, if ever, allowed to age up because then none of the other teenagers will want to be in the group if younger kids are there.
  9. Are you saying possibly go without the baby, or just not go at all? I would book with the baby since it can be harder to get a cabin for 3 as dates get closer. If you end up deciding that the baby's temperament isn't compatible with cruising, you can cancel. If you do a search here, you'll find lots of threads about cruising with babies - mostly very positive. I found cruising to be the most relaxing way to travel with a baby. If you'd like, you can choose a cruise with a nursery (some RCCL ships, maybe others) to provide some babysitting time, but it sounds like you'll have lots of fam
  10. We had a cabin on Serenade of the Seas (Royal Carib) that fit 6. There were 4-6 of these cabins on board (I think called "Ultra Spacious Outside Family Cabin). There is a small room withing the room with twin bunks and its own closet; twin single beds or pushed together queen and a large sitting area with a couch bed that can be curtained off for privacy. One bathroom. I was able to book this online for 3 people, but I believe you always have to call when booking a cabins for over 4 people. The larger cabins go quick!
  11. My picture is of my twins at 13 months on their first Princess cruise. That was some time ago, but yes, I completed a form that asked basically, how many meat, how many veggie/fruit baby jars and how many boxes of rice cereal (the kind for babies) did I need and they were delivered to the cabin. I didn't end up using any of it - had milk delivered to the stateroom when necessary (brought a bunch of $1 bills for tips) and they LOVED eating off the menu in the dining room. There's always some kind of soft vegetable, salmon, pasta, soup, fruit, etc that could be mushed to their liking.
  12. I'm just glad the internet is in ink and forevermore everyone can remember that cb knew the whole thing was ridiculous and the rest of us were just gullible and overreacting. Can't imagine what media she was watching that made her get it so wrong.
  13. You know, at least we can always count on cb to make a silly comment (and then call others "irresponsible" - ha!) Nice that some things don't change.
  14. I actually found that cruising was the best vacation for the baby/toddler/preschool ages. The kids love the schedule of cruising, sleeping in the same bed and eating in the same place every day and I love someone else doing all the cooking, cleaning, meal planning, etc. Always somewhere to go play, dance, wander, etc. Kids are spoiled in the dining room, get to try lots of new foods, the rocking helps them sleep better, etc. Great vacation with little ones and mostly the only way I traveled until my girls were older and we started doing more land-based foreign travel.
  15. I would go, but you're smart to think ahead about having more than enough diapers/wipes/formula to last not just during the cruise, but on the slight chance you're on the ship longer than expected. When I cruised with babies, I never counted on picking up items in port anyway. I was on a ship once that missed its last port before 5 sea days and there were a few parents who had to beg for diapers and wipes from other families.
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