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  1. Heading to the port in a few hours, just wondering what was the status with the Noro virus? Any special measures in place? Just wondering what to expect. Thanks!
  2. Just curious, were u told check on would be after 1? I'm trying to figure out what time to get to port tomorrow...we were told after 1 due to cleaning and maintenance, is this similar to what you were told? Thanks for the info.
  3. Yeah, definitely agree, clean away! just bummed that it seems that Noro is still an issue
  4. Just got the email, boarding delayed until 1 pm for "cleaning and maintenance" :o:(:confused:
  5. Thanks all! Never knew they supplied distilled water!
  6. Thanks! I'll try out, but my cruise leaves Saturday, hope they can arrange it in time!
  7. Anyone ever use a CPAP on Anthem? On past cruises I have been on there have been limited outlets by the bed to plug it into it. I have brought extension cords in the past, but I know Royal is particular about what extension cords are allowed. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Being from NY, we lived with this after Hurricane Sandy....No gas for about 2 weeks! We did have to go the alternate plate system and the lines were crazy. I work in healthcare and our hopsital actually supplied tractor trailers filled with gasoline so that essential employees could get to work, we actually filled our cars stright from the tanker truck. Crazy! I wish all the people of texas a speedy recovery!
  9. Just got an email for a sale on the deluxe beverage package and Voom (1 device) for $54 pp per day, total of$433 for our 7 day cruise on the Anthem....offs this a good deal? Also I think I read on the boards that if I do decide to buy the package and it drops cheaper I can refund this package and purchase the cheaper one...anyone have any experience with this? TIA
  10. Anyone know if they will open the balcony partitions on connecting cabins? We have 3 cabins in a row (2 connect) and would like to open the partitions for 1 long balcony.
  11. Just off the Gem today, never had a wait for the MDR for the 2 of us, and we went at varying times, also no wait for orchid garden. We did have reservations for Moderno, Cagney's and Le Bistro, which i recommend even for two people. Also if you make a reservation on line before your trip, make sure you carry a copy of your confirmation (I screen shot mine on my phone). When we showed up at Le Bistro they didn't have our reservation, the snooty maitre de said they have problems with reservations transferring over to the ship system and unless i had a copy of our confirmation, she couldn't help me (Even after admitting there was a problem) . Thankfully i had the screen shot on my phone!
  12. Me too, just got out of 11086...no noise, no obstruction
  13. They need the azipods to control fine positioning, in GSC the have to anchor and position the ship so ot blocks the tenders from on coming seas. Wouldn't be safe if the azipods weren't working. I enjoyed following your posts from the villa!
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