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  1. When you buy the deluxe package it does state that Starbucks is not included "*All Beverage Packages exclude any beverages served inside licensed Starbucks® stores." Hope this helps
  2. Well said! People think that once you get the vaccine everything goew back to normal as you said its only the start of a long road.
  3. Thanks All for your input I agree Hank as you get a bit older the fun of carrying luggage etc gets a bit much so I will leave that for the younger and more adventurous and take a car from Rome. Do you have any suggestions for a hotel in Rome as it is our first time and are going to spend a few days sightseeing, we are happy to walk to get to things but there seems such a number of hotels its hard to know where to stay so any input is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Used to wear Tuxedo (as you can see 🙂 ) but we have now moved to Shirt and Tie and dress pants as packing tux takes up room in luggage
  5. Hi Everyone has such great information we are flying in a few days prior to the cruise and wondering is it ok to wait till day of departure to go from Rome or should we head to the port the day before Thanks
  6. We were traveling on Empress 18th April and have cancelled the uncertainty of what is going on in the US with the virus and the risk of having to go into quarantine for 2 weeks is not one we want to take at this time, will reschedule for another cruise once this has all settled down.
  7. Caribbean islands refusing cruise ship entry. https://nypost.com/2020/02/26/cruise-ship-turned-away-from-caribbean-ports-amid-coronavirus-fears/
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