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  1. June 6,2020. So I moved it to July 25 and it got canceled too. Silly me rebooked my shore excursion and paid for the beverage package for the July 25 sailing thinking my refund for those fun shop items would come quickly. So now I am waiting on about $1900.00 in refunds for those things. Wish we could just transfer those to the new booking, but they say you can't.
  2. Canceled on March 30, 2020. Got cabin refund today. Still waiting on shore excursion and beverage package refund. Darrin
  3. The Jubilee was my 1st cruise in 1992. 7 day Mexican Riviera out of San Pedro. Was 20 years old and and been hooked since. Paying cash for drinks and being given envelops to tip. My have we come a long way!!
  4. I too am in the same boat. ( No pun intended). I cancelled by beverage package and shore excursion on the changed trip and was told 5-7 days for refund. I re-booked another cruise and paid for the beverage package and shore excursion expecting the credit to show up. It has not come. I realize that they are having a hard time financially but for them to be taking new money and not refunding us is wrong. These are the type of things that leave a sour taste in loyal carnival travelers.
  5. I moved our Panorama cruise out of Long Beach until 7/25. Hopefully things will be back to the new normal. BTW- The price was $500 cheaper than when i booked, so the nice lady at Carnival customer service said they would issue a refund to my credit card. Not really shore how long this will take, but i did get new booking numbers and a cancellation email. I had also paid for a shore excursion and the adult beverage package and she stated that when my original booking is was cancelled it triggers a refund on those items. We will see how long it takes. Anyone have an idea???
  6. So here is my questions. i am booked on the June 6, 2020 on the Panorama. 1. I see the price has dropped. Should I put in for a price adjustment? Cruise is paid off. And if i do this will get an OBC for not canceling the cruise??? If so how much? ( $ 600)?? Thanks in advance
  7. In the PG comedy show was profanity used? Thinking of taking my 8 year old and 11 year old to the PG show when we are on the Panorama in June? Thank for the detailed review.
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