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  1. That is the plan 😉 Going to stay at Country Inn & Suites and have a shuttle to transfer from Hotel to the Ship
  2. NICE!!! When you are on Oasis my husband and I will be on Anthem 12/8 > 12/20 12 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise Cape Liberty - San Juan - ST Maarten - St Johns - ST Lucia - Barbados - ST Kitts - Cape Liberty Wonder what the drive will be like from Southern VA to Elizabeth, NJ in Dec. Been a long time since we have been in the north during that time of the year
  3. Nice Photo! and I am sure there are other Gay people ... just not "out" ... they might be ~trapped LOL
  4. For my Husband and I, this is how we see it from a RCI perspective. Which other cruise lines it might the exact opposite Smaller Ships such as Grandeur, Serenade, etc Pros: Service seems more personal. Crew to Passenger ratio is closer. Seems to be more Intimate. Cruise is perceived as slower because of the more chill/relaxing time. Getting off and on the ship seems faster and smoother. Cons: Less "Shows", not as many shops/resturants, less "entertainments". Can seem more crowded Larger Ships such as Harmony, Allure, Anthem, etc Pros: More things available. Shops, shows, resturants, bars, entertainment. Can seem (except when at shows) less crowded Cons: Getting on the ship/off can seem confusing, crowded, slow ... getting into shows or out can be overwhelming ELEVATORS - People can seem more rude and impatience, probably due to there are more people versus the smaller ships. For us there seems to be more children on the larger ships versus the smaller, now for parents this would be a Pro versus a Con. For us .. .our children are older and married, so not yet ready for children LOL. So the Long Short What is your Goal or Purpose? if you are wanting to get away and read a book, relax under the sun, drink a drink or 5 and not be concerned what the Cruise Compass has or if you just want to Socialize ... I would recommend the smaller ships If you're in need of constant input ... broadways, musicals, Karaoke, music halls, etc then the mega ships are for you. Hope this provides a perspective from a logical and functional view
  5. I have posted in here and have posted in the roll call section... On one roll call I had something like 250+ readers and something like 17 posts (16 were mine).
  6. At least here there is something
  7. I have done that for several cruises and have little to no response but high volume of readers but little to no talkers
  8. Serenade, Schooner Bar - Can we say AWESOME VIEWS
  9. Bermuda is awesome ... How do you feel in regards to Mickey to Royal
  10. 6 Night Bermuda Cruise Grandeur of the Seas Oct 11 — Oct 17, 2013 Will be going on her Again (love the ship) in April previously was on Carnival, which was the first cruise ever .. So got experience both Carnival and Royal.
  11. There are mixed cruises out there which makes it more difficult to know who is what versus a charter cruise. BUT it does increase the possibilities while remaining Anonymous versus a Charter. MEETMEONBOARDdotCOM has a calendar of some cruises (mixed and charter) that can help steer/direct/guide. Celebrity cruise line I hear has more dynamics for the lifestyle . We have not been on a Celebrity, we have only done Carnival and Royal Caribbean. That being said, as a couple (married) we really have not put a high level of requirement on other gay people. If they are there we social if they are not, no biggie.
  12. We have done a few Cruises, our Anny one will be on Grandeur in April 2019 to Bermuda (love that place). I will say that Royal has NEVER disrespected our community EVER. The only thing I would say is that, there have been posting for meets ... Most of the time peeps never showed at them. We usually meet other folks in the casino or in smoking areas or at the bar. The Company and the Crew (Royal) has always respected us. Many times if the crew would see me would ask "Where's your other half?" or some form of respectful courtesy to us as a couple.
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