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  1. Oh the days of Yore. Have a cruise in Nov out of Baltimore [Enchantment of the Seas], May cruise out of Jersey[ Adventure of the Seas], & Aug cruise out of Canaveral [Mariner of the Seas]. Would be good to meet some "good" people. FOD would even be better but it is always nice to meet people whom have a good heart.
  2. One day we will all need to sit down and laugh at all this
  3. Seriously I am in great need of a get away, get of out Dodge, go fly a kite ... but refuse to go play in the streets.
  4. Have sailed out of both Cape and Balt. Balt has been the fastest from pulling to sitting at the bar. Only Boston has been faster. First experience of Cape was 2+ hrs from parking lot to Bar. That being said I never heard an official reason took so long to get on the ship. As you have mentioned the "Quaintness", agreed! Grandeur is one of the oldest ships in the fleet. Some feel she is too old. But like many will say, She is a sweet lady with superior quality in service. She is by far one of the best for a lazy chilling cruise. She will be missed.
  5. it had been my experience that Royal Caribbean International has the most and are the most loyal customers. While I would enjoy the points, If they would I would be getting 21 'free' points 😉 That would be a generous offer from RCI but I would not expect it for, really, why "should" they. Have the best Loyalty program(s) with good Loyal People. Maybe NCL needs the help?
  6. I have been having a hard time topping a trip where everything cost less than 110 a day. Hotels cost start out at 100+ a day, food usually runs about 60 per person per day [10b + 15l + 35d]. Unless you wana live off the dollar menu for everything.
  7. In my opinion the keyword is "Need". The only NEED is eating drinking and breathing. The rest is a choice, a choice to keep relations good. A choice to minimize issues. A choice that we enjoy. While we enjoy being on early .. there is no need to be "First". Enjoy being early for do not enjoy being under the gun or running late. Reduces Stress once on ship. While have not attended Broadway (Sheltered) nor have seen all the shows. Truly enjoy the talent of the most of the shows like We Will Rock You, Mamma Mia! So most of the shows will go see Enjoy the outside, do not have to be in direct sun light, most of the time in the shade for it is easier to read our books there and keeps the Blanc cooler longer 😉 Caribbean or not, if we don't like the port. We don't get off. Not a fan of the Pan Handlers on a couple ports we have been too. Absolutely do. On some of the ports, will always use excursions, so if there is a problem ... I know the ship will wait or will provide transportation to where ever. Have seen where the Ship is leaving the port and the "other" is beating on the "other" while calling them every name in the book. So by choice I choose to protect myself at certain (or new) ports. We absolutely love being waited/served on/too. That is one of the best parts to dress up. Share an elegant evening with good food, great service, and great company (employee and at the table). We have found the buffet to be more like a trough and competition (for the food and a place to sit). So we chose to be escorted to our table and be waited. We usually befriend the people in MDR and then miss them. I can see how that can happen and have been told that (in different words but same meaning). It comes with Wisdom LOL. And that is the best take away from it all. I see and understand the foundation for it is built on the principle of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (aka Pyramid). People have asked us about cruising frequently from which cruise line to take and Big Ships or small ships, etc. So in relation to your list : is the same as "I require on my vacation (cruise) ..." or: On my Cruise, I feel I need too ... Turn off all electronics and put in the safe. I don't want to receive text messages, phone calls, emails, Facebook, tik tok, IM's, etc etc. Go to the Schooner Bar. On many of the ships we have been on, the Schooner Bar is the hub of conversation, people, great service, good laughs, and trivia. Oh the Trivia games are some much fun, where else can you find out that you know so little and laugh with good people about it. Go to the Solarium and read. We enjoy sitting in a lounge chair (if one is available - Do not require) with the outside air, a cool (cold) dry white wine (or Scotch neat, sometimes on the rocks), and a good book to get lost in. From time to time doing a little people watching. There is so much to learn from people and not say a word. On Oasis class Ships, We must go to the Trellis Bar in the evening. There is something about a good drink, good bartender (Xander was the best on Harmony), and the night sky. I honestly didn't understand how or why but it was mesmerizing and enchanting. Vintages and Tapis for lunch. On Harmony & the Allure, Tapis and Vintages for lunch. We enjoy the experience of the Wines and all the different breads, meats, veggies, and cheeses (so far). We have only experienced twice thus far. But enjoy the experiences and people. In relation to that, we experienced for the first time (willing to do again) and that was in the Pub, there was this french fries and stuff on it and this soup that never had before with a beer never heard of either. WOW such fun. Something that is a requirement - no franchise. While we know that Guinness in Ireland is totally different than in America and the McDonalds in Hawaii serves different foods than in PA. We are not interested in going to another state, country, culture, etc and not experience what is. An example is going to Boston, Mass and tasting Harpoon Brewery and Bar Style Pizza. Going to Maine and having a Lobster (both were done on Serenade of the Seas). Ok done rambling like an old man LOL
  8. How super cool!!!! Congratza and enjoy the time together
  9. We personally have not had experience with Formal night for Carnival Recently ~ That being said I am sure they would be fairly close to others, which are No Flip Flops No Shorts No T-Shirts So I am sure something along the means of a Button up Shirt and some form of appropriate long leg covering (not good with terms for clothes LOL) Did a google on Female Business Casual - Which is what I perceive as being "formal" for MDR. And most of what I saw I would perceive as being appropriate/acceptable . Maybe that will help? If not let me know and I will do some 'research' in the matter to Help
  10. Love Love Grandeur. Great crew, great service, Relaxing lazy. Chill with your loved one while drinking a Pinot Grigio while reading a book. Have been on her several times and will be on her for the last voyage .. March 26, 2021
  11. I wondered about that .. don't have that much of an issue with humidity versus snow and cold like this morning it was 26 😞 Also in Panama Social Security and health care is accepted When closer to time will go visit and see how temps are
  12. Hmm will have to check out Colon, Panama. Am considering Panama to retire (Sell everything and move there) too but unsure due to the whole Anti-Gay ~ so am all ears
  13. And please let us know your opinion. Of course like anything, individual experiences are that - individualized LOL But am curious, even thought I can barely speak english LOL
  14. They are a Madrid HQ company. Small fleet compared to Carnival or RCI From what little I have learned of it, each ship provides different services such as some are "all inclusive" such as brand alcohol. As a FYI: RCI / RCC is a Parent company at 49%, Springwater Capital 51% owner https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pullmantur_Cruises Pullmantur's fleet consists of ships from other cruise lines such as RCI / RCC. IE: Grandeur of the Seas final cruise out of Baltimore March 26th, 2021 at which will be added to the Pullmantur fleet https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/royal-caribbeans-grandeur-of-the-seas-transferring-to-pullmantur-in-2021.html
  15. Yes I have been working on the family tree... portions of it is complicated BUT have done some
  16. Scottish & Irish decent here From what I understand my roots are from the northern section of the Republic of Ireland near the board of Northern Ireland ... but have not found any documentation to support that as of yet .. BUT would be fun to learn more about the the Scottish side
  17. We were on it 3 years ago ... fairly virgin at the time ... Hoping to have an enjoyable time for 12 days in the southern
  18. Let us know 🙂 Am about to go on Anthem and will see who and what there is there
  19. Would it be informal to be regimental on formal night?
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